Friday, August 24, 2012

The Road to Colorado

The Road to Colorado

We left home on Saturday, July 14th at 3:30am.
We drove to Las Vegas, NV with the kids asleep.  (Ok, Sarah was asleep for a couple hours, too.)  :)
Pete had done some research and found this awesome little park for us.  We had breakfast at one of the covered wagon picnic tables (picture if you follow the previous link) with our picnic bag and played on the playground for a long time.

(No, we didn't travel with that bin next to her head... I was getting something out, took a picture and then put it away.  Safety first!) 

 Arriving for our first stop in Vegas!

After the park, we drove down the strip just for fun and went into a mall.
We walked around (enjoyed the A/C) did a little shopping and hung out until lunch.
We had lunch in the food court and then hit the road in time for naps!

Just another hour or two of driving and we easily concluded day one, arriving in St. George, UT.

One of Pete's (many) awesome playlists that he (we) made for the trip!
We brainstormed the lists together--I think we had 8 very different genres of playlists--and he made it happen.
Thanks babe!
I've gotta say, we did have some great music to listen to and a good variety too!
(Maybe not important to others, but hey... we're two musicians... we had to put some thought into what we were going to be listening to!)

Arizona!  (I hadn't realized we would be entering AZ!)

 "Watch for Rocks"  um. ok.  :)

You know you're in Utah when... ... ...
(Um, possibly offensive to native Utah-ers... so I'll leave it off the blog.  It had to do with the strip mall of stores next to our hotel.  The first one was a Mormon bookstore... ask me later.) 
 Our first hotel!

 Em's new suit and sunglasses (from Vegas). $6 total at The Children's Place!

Sunday, July 15th
First stop: Zion National Park. 
 At the top of our "hike" to see the Three Patriarchs.

Aww.  Love these guys!

 They don't let you drive through the park anymore (like when I was here as a kid with my family) but they have a busing system that goes through the parks.  We were hesitant, but it was great!

 A group self portrait that I actually think is great!

Emily looks like me but acts like Pete.
Noah looks like Pete but acts like me.
Case in point?  
Em, trying to wander further into the stream.
Noah, looking over Pete's shoulder for me to help get him out of there.  :)

 Pete told her it was mistletoe so she had to kiss him.

My little adventurers.

 Time for a breather.

 Back in the car swagger wagon.
(Notice the reflection of the clouds?)

 :)  Creative, right?


At a park in Grand Junction, CO where we stopped for the night.
I got food poisoning at a Denny's.  (Why did we go to Denny's?  I don't know.  I think it was the first and last time we will ever go!)  I'll spare you the details.

 Monday, July 16th
We slept in and had breakfast at the hotel.
No rush because our place in Keystone changed their mind about our early check-in.

 "No Name" Rest Area.  Yes.  :)
We got caught in a little storm in the mountains this morning.
It wasn't terrible, but a little scary nonetheless when the thunder and lightening started! 
 This was taken at the end of the storm.  I love how you can see the clearing just around the bend.
We watched the trip odometer hit 1,000 miles!  We're halfway there!

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