Sunday, August 12, 2012

July 1

First Week of July
There's too much to fit into this post, so I'll make a separate blog for July 2nd, aka Disney Day :)

2 little duckies, freshly scrubbed after their bath 
 red, white & blue treats for the 4th
 Emily had her first year of swimming lessons and she LOVED it!
She is quite the brave little fish and I'm very proud of her.
 Look: it's day 2 and she's swimming a short distance on her own already!
...and diving for rings!  (in the shallow end, but beyond where she can touch) 

...practicing her back float kicks in the deep end 
learning the elementary back stroke
(monkey : T : zoom!)

 more front crawl

our happy fish :)

and the best part-- jumping in the deep end! 

 Noah came with us everyday and Grandpa and Grandma came a few times too!

 Here she goes!
(Yes, that's 8 feet!)

I'm exhausted just watching :)

(Also, for those concerned... there IS a teacher close by in all of this, my good friend and excellent teacher Lenee (aka: Miss Nay-Nay); she has just been carefully cropped out of the photos.)

Next Up: Our Disney Day!

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