Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 2 Part 2

2nd week of April.
{part 2}

On Tuesday, Pete got a ride into work and the kids and I packed our bags and then picked him up on our way down to Carlsbad.
We checked into our hotel, and Wednesday morning we went to LEGOLAND!

We had a blast!

 Emily took drivers' ed...
Emily & I got a little workout, pulling ourselves up this "ride".  ;)

The boys went to jail...

Emily played and went on rides non-stop.
It was overcast and it sort of rained a little bit in the morning which was perfect because it meant the park was pretty empty.  Emily went down this big slide (shown above) 6 or 7 times in a row because there wasn't a wait!
 Noah napped in his stroller.

There was one ride that we had to wait in line for (I snapped this photo while we waited), but Jennifer Garner was in line behind us which was kinda fun.

 The afternoon sun got hot, so we went to this indoor play area.
 We were all exhausted... and these photos of Pete crack me up!
...especially because he was blissfully unaware of the "Supervise Children at All Times" sign that he was lying above!

 Us?  Tired?  Nah.....

Noah was tired too.  
This is his current version of a temper tantrum: he gives me a look with a big pout and then sighs or gives a little cry, and puts his head on the floor.  :) 
Not my best picture, but my little girl sure is cute!

 Emily's first roller coaster: the "Coastersaurus" in Dino Land with Daddy.

 Thanks for a fun day, Legoland!

We were all exhausted, but we decided to go for a swim at the hotel.
  After our swim, Noah grabbed his blanket and passed out on the carpet.  Poor sleepy little guy!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 2

April 2012
Week 2

April 8-14

Christ, the Lord is Risen today!  Alleluia!

 Easter morning before church.
Peter played for a sunrise service, then came home and we all got to go to church together which was WONDERFUL!
After church he went back to work.  I took the kids through a drive thru Starbucks on our way home.   
Noah, Emily and I played at home for a couple hours and then went to my friend Tracey's parent's house for an Easter lunch.  Her family was so sweet and welcoming to us--we had a fantastic time.
 Happy Easter! 

 It's Spring Break!
Soooo many photos... and I'm soo behind...
These are just from Sunday and Monday...

My boys hanging out before bedtime (Sunday)
 Aren't they cute in their white shirts and khaki pants?

Emily wanted in on the snuggling! 

 Noah LOVES to play with crayons, and tries to eat them every chance he gets!
Monday.  I got to spend the day at home with the kiddos!  Yay! 
 In the afternoon, Emily had a dance recital.

Isn't she adorable?  :) 

This group of kids had a lot of personality!

Monday night Pete and I stayed up late trying to decide what to do with the next few days.
On Tuesday we went to Carlsbad...
...those photos and stories coming soon!

April 1

April 2012

Week 1
April 1st-7th

Sunday afternoon at home with the kids. 
 Pete's working at Disney full time now which is great, but after teaching a full week, and then taking care of the kids by myself all weekend, I'm EXHAUSTED!

Fortunately, they are starting to play really well together which makes everything SO much nicer! 

Time to dye the Easter eggs! 
We played at church for Good Friday so Pete took the day off work.

We had a WONDERFUL day as a family.
In the morning we took the kids to the Aquarium of the Pacific and bought an annual family pass so we can go back whenever we want. 
Emily and I pet a sting ray! YIKES! 
Noah posed in front of one of the shark tanks in his "Big Trouble" shark t-shirt.  :)

 Peter took Saturday off from work too, so we had our Easter egg hunt today instead of tomorrow.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

March 4

March 2012
Week 4

March 25th-31st

Sunday, Pete was working.
I took some photos of the kids after church.

Look what I made!
I made 3 of these camera straps (with lens cover pockets) using a tutorial I found on Pinterest!
All three have different fabric combinations.
I gave one as a birthday gift to my sister-in-law, Jill.
The one pictured is the one currently on my camera, and I love it!  :)
Cute, comfy and helpful!

Darling boy crawling over to say "Hello!"

Happy Birthday, Peter!!
Pete's birthday was on Friday, but late Thursday night he had a rehearsal with his trio (Amy & Dusty).
I sent him with a birthday pie to share, and instead of eating it there, they all came back to our house afterwards for a spontaneous birthday celebration (from midnight until after 2am... nevermind that I had to work the next day!)  Pete had fun though, and that's all that mattered.  :)  Happy 32nd, babe!

 Saturday evening when Pete got home we went down to Sunset Beach, collected seashells and picked up take out from my favorite restaurant: Roman Cucina.  :)  Yum.
 Gotta love living so close to the beach!  :)