Sunday, April 22, 2012

April 2

April 2012
Week 2

April 8-14

Christ, the Lord is Risen today!  Alleluia!

 Easter morning before church.
Peter played for a sunrise service, then came home and we all got to go to church together which was WONDERFUL!
After church he went back to work.  I took the kids through a drive thru Starbucks on our way home.   
Noah, Emily and I played at home for a couple hours and then went to my friend Tracey's parent's house for an Easter lunch.  Her family was so sweet and welcoming to us--we had a fantastic time.
 Happy Easter! 

 It's Spring Break!
Soooo many photos... and I'm soo behind...
These are just from Sunday and Monday...

My boys hanging out before bedtime (Sunday)
 Aren't they cute in their white shirts and khaki pants?

Emily wanted in on the snuggling! 

 Noah LOVES to play with crayons, and tries to eat them every chance he gets!
Monday.  I got to spend the day at home with the kiddos!  Yay! 
 In the afternoon, Emily had a dance recital.

Isn't she adorable?  :) 

This group of kids had a lot of personality!

Monday night Pete and I stayed up late trying to decide what to do with the next few days.
On Tuesday we went to Carlsbad...
...those photos and stories coming soon!

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