Friday, September 25, 2009

August 9

By far, the hardest part of living in California is that we're so far away from our families.  It's why we spend most of our vacation time and money traveling back and forth across the country... over and over again.  :)  It's why our summers are crazy, too hectic due to all the travel, but wonderful.

Today we said goodbye to our families and traveled back to sunny Southern California.  It's our home, and we've missed it...but Iowa will also always be home, and we hope it will feel like home for Emily, too.  (Just like SoCal felt like home to me!)

Here are a couple of photos of us saying goodbye in Iowa City.  [David....I'm not sure about that facial hair.... and by 'not sure' I actually mean it really creeps me out and please never go with that look again!]

Sunday, September 13, 2009

August 8

This was the cutest little baby pool!  I wanted to bring it back with us, but it just wouldn't fit in our bag.  The whale was a slide, and the blowhole of the whale was a sprinkler (but Em didn't exactly love that feature...I think it scared her a little!)

Grandpa and Grandma had so many fun things for Em to play with while we were there--she LOVED swinging under the patio with Grandpa! :)

What a beautiful Saturday!

August 7

Another fun day in Iowa City.
We went to the Coral Ridge Mall, played on some of the toys down by Barnes & Noble, then Emily got to ride the carousel twice--once with Grandpa and then with Grandma.  What a lucky little girl!

August 6

Happy 90th Birthday, Gramma Markee!!!!!
We Love You!!!!!!

August 5

Iowa City, Iowa.
Time to visit with cousins.
Wonder Horse makes a comeback :)
...and Emily loved it!

August 4

We spent the morning in Orange City, then after lunch Pete drove Emily and me (through Pocahontas--that's what the picture is of) to Humboldt where David met us and drove us the rest of the way to Iowa City.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

August 3

Orange City, IA.
Bubbles. Bubbles. More Bubbles.  (Thank you, Robin!)
Marching Band Camp.
Chasing Cousins in the Bleachers and on the Football Field.
Cute Cousins in Pajamas, Ready for Bed.

August 2

We're in Orange City, Iowa.  We played lots of wiffle ball in the backyard today.  Eventually Emily really got into it and chased down some of the hit balls.  At first though, she just wanted to stand by Dad and not let him play :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

August 1

It's August!
Today we leave for Iowa ((again!))
I'm not looking forward to the traveling, but I am looking forward to seeing our families again!

July 31

Punctual little Isaac Everett Schrock, came right on his due date today!  
Lucky me, I was able to meet him today too, before we leave tomorrow to go back to Iowa.  
What a cutie!  
Congratulations Becky and Larry!