Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Our life: July Week 1

July 3rd-9th

Pete's brass trio played pieces he wrote for church today.
They were great. :)

(I finally took photos of Noah's finished quilt, even though I finished it awhile ago.)
Yay! It's done!
Happy 4th of July!
We had a low key holiday, picnicking at home :)

Steve & Cindy flew back to IA.
Pete drove to San Diego.
I stayed home and took care of the kids during the day, then Lenee and I drove to SD to see Pete play in "Shrek" while Michael & Jill babysat for us (again!).
We had a fun night getting dinner at "Al Teatro", we avoided crisis when the bathtub faucet broke back at home and then we drove back home (in 2 cars) after the show.

Laundry. Pack. Drive to SD. Check in to AMAZING hotel. Swim at hotel pool. Eat dinner at the manager's reception hour--spaghetti--yum!
SD Wild Animal Park--now called the SD Zoo Safari Park
We paid $7 total for entrance fees and the African Tram!
I was expecting close to $100, so this was a fantastic surprise due to our zoo memberships that we bought last summer.
When we were leaving (around noon), the temperature gauge in our car read 100 degrees! Yeow!

The above photograph features the very rare and endangered: wild ass.
I love this picture of Em looking out of the tram at the park and all the animals!
The heat was miserable, but we had a wonderful (and short) morning visit.
My boy has nicer sandals than I do! :)

Chillin' in the shade of our poolside cabana!
(Did I mention that we had a fabulous hotel?!?)
See you next week!

Our life: June Week 5

June 26-July 2

Sunday night we called Uncle Michael & Aunt Jill to join us for a game of mini-golf.
Aunt Jill had to work but Michael came and we had a great time!
Costco with Becca @ 10am
Scrapbook with Kelley @ 11:30am
Em's dance class @ 4:45
Michael & Jill over for dinner, boys night out at the movies, girls (+Noah) out for ice cream.
Lunch and an afternoon spent swimming at LeneƩ's
Pick up Connells @ LAX in the afternoon
Hang out at home in the evening

Emily was sick. :(

Pete went golfing with his dad.
I went to visit Jamie, Hendrick & Annaliese!
Isn't she beautiful?!
Tonight we took Em out for a Mommy, Daddy & Emily date, complete with Chick-Fil-A and "Cars 2". Noah stayed home with Gpa & Gma Patches.

I was up all night with a migraine--yuck.
I went to the chiropractor in the morning and felt much better.
Tonight we went to hear the Long Beach Municipal Band play their first of the Summer Concert Series in the Park.
No photos today.

Family day at home.
We had fun playing in the backyard, swimming in the kiddie pool and drawing with chalk.

I made a very patriotic lunch :)
Noah hung out in the shade.
We tried dipping his toes in the pool and despite how much he loves bath time, he hated the pool!! Poor little guy.
Saturday night we went to a Drum Corps show @ Mt. SAC.
We were all planning to go and looking forward to it, but it was over 100 degrees out and we weren't comfortable putting Noah through that so I hung out with Noah at a nearby mall and waited for everyone else while they went to the show.
My sad little guy after his toes were dipped in the pool--nothing some snuggles with Mommy can't fix!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Our life: June Week 4

June 19-June 25

Sunday: Happy Father's Day!
I'm absolutely blessed to be able to celebrate both my wonderful hubby and my own dad who are both amazing men and fathers. I am so thankful for you and your roles in my life.

Happy Father's Day :)
Em's new favorite book is the one she gave to Pete today: "The Tickle Monster" (It even came with the furry blue Tickle Monster gloves Pete is wearing--fingerless for better page turning & tickling!)
The 'card' our kids made for their dad. I love how small and chubby Noah's handprints are!
Sometimes I wonder what he's thinking. . .
"Does this diaper make me look fat?"

Friday @the Huntington Library for one of Pete's quintet gigs
There were 700+ people there picnic-ing & listening to the concert. It was a gorgeous night.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Our life: June Week 3

June 12-18

Sunday morning Pete and I played for a church orchestra in Orange.
Sunday afternoon we hosted a summer kick-off BBQ.
We had such a great time, I hope we can do it again next year!
Hendrick (who became a big brother just two days later!)
Emily, Millie, Ella, Josie & Hendrick (& Jen) dancing to wii dance (kids edition)
nap time for the boys

I ran some of these photos through an "antique" filter and the resemblance of those to my brother and I back in 1985 is a little surreal! (Their age difference is the same too!)
pajama time!

Our life: June Week 2

June 5- June 11

Happy 30th Birthday Becca!
wow. :)

my beautiful boy

proof that sometimes my house is clean :)

we're having a party on sunday, and today em helped me make these smores to go

saturday I picked up flowers for the party
sunflowers make me happy :)