Saturday, November 14, 2009

October 20

Tuesday, October 20th.
Grandpa, Grandma and Uncle David left yesterday afternoon after a great birthday visit.
Today it's just the 3 of us again.  

October 18

Sunday, October 18th.
Em received a chest full of dress up clothes for her birthday and is loving them!

October 17

Happy 2nd Birthday, Emily!!
We had two parties for our two year old today.
Party #1 was a playdate at the park with Chloe and Jocelyn.
Party #2 was with family at home.  :)

Sarah Covington Connell Happy Birthday, Emily!!! (And GO Hawks!)

October 17 at 12:17pm ·  · 
John Spellan
John Spellan
Congrats. She is so cute. Yay for 2 You both were missed last weekend.
October 17 at 12:21pm · Delete
Laura Bader Connell
Laura Bader Connell
Welcome to year two, little Em! And go Hawks, indeed :)
October 17 at 12:24pm · Delete
Kelley 'Kok' Tiersma
Kelley 'Kok' Tiersma
Happy Birthday Emily!! I can't believe you're two already!!
October 17 at 1:30pm · Delete
Amy Jetter Lewis
Amy Jetter Lewis
Happy Birthday Emily!!!
October 17 at 5:20pm · Delete
Andrea Hydeen
Andrea Hydeen
Happy birthday Emily! (I have some bows for you, but I have to talk to your mommy first.) :)

October 16

The first four photos are Em and her friend Jocelyn at Ms. Kathy's house.  The last one is Friday night at home after going out to eat dinner at Red Robin.  :)
FB: "I can hardly believe my baby is going to be TWO tomorrow!"

Jennifer DeBlauw Scholte
Jennifer DeBlauw Scholte
No way! Where has the time gone?? Have fun celebrating!
October 16 at 8:03pm · Delete
Kim Looney
Kim Looney
All us mom's say that every year. It goes by so fast! Enjoy every moment!
October 16 at 8:42pm · Delete
Ellen Stenson
Ellen Stenson
Happy birthday Emily!
October 16 at 8:47pm · Delete
Amy Jetter Lewis
Amy Jetter Lewis
Happy Birthday Emily! :)
October 16 at 9:10pm · Delete
Katie Claassen
Katie Claassen
Aww, happy birthday to little Emily!! :) How the time flies!
October 16 at 9:25pm · Delete
Dawn DeYoung
Dawn DeYoung
Happy Birthday Emily! You are a special girl!

October 15

Tonight I made these birthday cupcakes for Emily to take to Kathy's tomorrow.

October 14

Publish Post
Wednesday, October 14th.
Dinner time!
{On a side note, we have continued to have the most GORGEOUS weather... 
meanwhile most of our family is FREEZING back in the midwest!}

October 8

Thursday, October 8th

I know this is out of order...  hopefully I'll be able to move it later...

Today was wacky day at the middle school.  I'm mom to a 2 year old, married to a musician and spend the rest of my day teaching middle schoolers--I KNOW wacky!  :)
(Or, as a colleague said... "Wacky day at the middle school... isn't that redundant?!")

I didn't take any pictures but hopefully someone else did, so... photos to come! :)

October 13

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

These are NOT great photos, but it WAS a great night.  And sometimes it's worth documenting for the sake of remembering, even if it's not beautiful :)

I think that was my original intention of this 365 blog anyway. . .

October 12

My definition of a "Working Dad"  :)

October 11

Enjoying some IN-N-OUT burger with Uncle Mike and Miss Jill :)  

October 10

Grandpa Cary and Grandma Cathy flew in from Iowa last night.  This morning we all got up and did the VCS 5K.  Grandpa and Michael ran it and impressed us all.  Mom, Grandma and Emily completed it... mostly walking, but running the last lap :)

After the 5K we went out for breakfast and then came home and Emily got to show off her new (used) playhouse!  She even convinced Gpa and Gma to come in and play with her inside!  What a lucky girl :)

October 7

Tonight we went to our second show at the LA Opera which was Wagner's Siegfried.  It was good... but WAY too long.  We left after 4 hours and there was still another 1+ left!!  Yikes!

October 4

Sunday, October 4.
After a busy day yesterday, today was much more relaxed :)
We went to church together and then went for a walk through the neighborhood and took a few photos.  It was a perfectly beautiful afternoon.

October 3

Phew, what a weekend!
Sarah Grove flew in from Switzerland last night!!
Today, Tamra and Nathan got married!!
Is this really the only photo I have?!?
I guess I was just too busy to remember to take any pictures!

October 2

Friday, October 2nd.
Tonight we had a family movie night at home and it was wonderful :)

October 1

Pete was working again tonight so  Miss Lenee came over to hang out.  We built Princess Emily a throne out of blocks (as shown) and then went for a walk through the neighborhood and enjoyed the cooler evening weather :)

September 30

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ICE CREAM!!!!

September 29

Tuesdays are becoming my favorite night of the week. . .
is that weird?
Mondays Pete has care team for church.  Wednesdays I teach lessons until 6pm.  Thursdays Pete teaches marching band at either Gladstone or in Claremont, Fridays are good, but usually busy with work and/or friends, Saturdays and Sundays Pete's often gig-ing, so Tuesdays are our family time.

September 28

I love the fall season and doing as much as I can to celebrate it; so since Pete was working tonight, the girls (Em and myself) :) walked to the grocery store and bought stuff to make and decorate pumpkin sugar cookies!  
It was a beautiful evening for a walk and we had a lot of fun making, decorating and eating the cookies--yum!