Sunday, October 26, 2014

September 2014

September has already come and gone… time is really flying by these days!

Here was our first day of school:

 Emily's in 1st grade with Mrs. Good-Nakhla
Noah's in Pre-School 3 days/week with Ms. Tricia
Sammy's in daycare 3 days/week with Ms. Kathy
Mommy started her 30th year of school this year!!  (Wow!)

It's her first time with her own desk that opens and she LOVES it!
(We must be related)  ;) 
 Emily with Mrs. Good-Nakhla :)

Sam & Dayle… she's 2 weeks older than him, not that you can tell based on their sizes!
I found a huge scary looking spider with widow-looking nest eggs that burst open in front of me in my classroom.  It was awful.  My boys came on Wednesday with our vacuum and spider spray and helped me de-bug my classroom.  Noah loved pushing the vacuum around as long as it wasn't turned on.
UPDATE: the spiders returned, but the school hired a professional exterminator for both inside and outside of my room.  Die, spiders, die!!!
On Saturday we went with Jamie, Jen and kids to "Walking with Dinosaurs" at the Honda Center.  It was loud and intense, but the kids loved it.  Thanks Jamie! 

 I will gladly hold this fermata any time.  ;)
 Noah loves Josh and loves to 'help' him after church.  (Josh has been running sound for our 6pm church service but this was his last week since he's leaving for college.)
 This is an iPhone picture of the sky from Sunday night… if you could see more clearly, you'd see lots and lots of clouds and just a bit of moon light peeking through.  When we walked out of church Sunday night Emily looked up at the sky and said, "Wow, look Mom!  You can see a little bit of heaven coming through the clouds!"
 Special treat after school with my little girl.

Wednesday afternoon lunch out at Five Guys and a fireman came in and saw Noah STARING at him, so he walked over and gave Noah a badge sticker.  Noah was proud and in awe.
 Beginning of a walk...
End of the walk…
(Sign of a good walk.) 

Friday night, Women of Faith at the Honda Center, in Jamie's brother's girlfriend's suite with good friends.  :)  (We were there Saturday morning, too!)
Thanks again, Jamie! 

 This Saturday Peter took the day off and we had a wonderful family day all together, ending with a delicious dinner at Roman Cucina and a walk on the beach at sunset.  (Sunset Beach, while the sun is setting, is GORGEOUS.)  :)

 Sammy in his daddy's old baby clothes.

Sammy in his birthday suit + diaper.
(Gotta keep the blog PG, people!) 

Big sister always asks to carry baby brother. 

 102 degrees.
in September.
teaching without air conditioning.
enough said.
 LBCRC GEMS really stepped up their face painting!!
No, he doesn't have a black eye, he's just sad because it was time to take off his face paint… some of which remained at this point in time.

Noah has already memorized 3 verses at school!
Yay, buddy! 
 Mom and Sam doing some serious shopping at Costco.
(…and picking up his baptism invites, too!) 
 I turned around for about 10 seconds, to hang 2 of his shirts, and then saw THIS!  Standing, already!?!
(Yes, we promptly lowered his mattress.)
 Peter was in Iowa this weekend with his dad's band and sent me these pics.
We missed him, but we're glad he could go have fun and help out.

My big, smiling, seven month old!   

Aaron Schrock's baptism at Centerpoint. 
Our new superintendent leading elementary school chapel. 
A special afternoon treat with my boy while his sister was at cheer camp. 
Some of Noah's artwork displayed in his classroom at Back to School Night.

 Mommy's favorite treat.
(Iced soy chai = perfection in a cup)

Sometimes he seems so big, but he's still my baby.