Monday, April 28, 2014

March, week 4.

March 23-29, 2014

Noah and Grandpa

Grandma and Sam

(These were all taken on Sunday, before Grandpa and Grandma had to fly home.)

My boys

I love sitting with him curled up against my chest...
staring, smiling, or sleeping...
all snuggled in.

Thankful for my Bible app and its daily verses

A quizzical little look
I think this day Peter and I both had dental cleanings.
They were uneventful, which when it comes to the dentist, is good news.
Hello :)
We wore purple to show support for Epilepsy Awareness.
Chiropractor visit today.

What a difference a month makes!

Huntington Beach
It was COLD!
(Or at least the locals thought so!  The difference between the locals and tourists today was hilarious-- you could see the locals bundled up in sweaters, coats, scarfs, etc… (or wetsuits on the water).  The crazy tourists were in bathing suits, sundresses, shorts, etc. trying to make the most of their spring break.

We walked down the pier to have lunch at Ruby's.
(In other news, Sammy had his worst blowout of a diaper which I tried to gracefully deal with in a tiny bathroom and I'll spare you the rest of the details.)

…really clinging to the second half of this verse lately!

My sweet children!

Practicing her reading skills

Saturday, April 19, 2014

March 2014. Week Three.

March 16th to March 22nd, 2014

My parents were here.  We celebrated Noah's third birthday.  I continued to work on my checklist of projects while adjusting to life with a newborn (again).  I am so sleep deprived that I don't remember much else right now, but here are the pics!

Happy Birthday, Buddy!!!

Pictures from his party on Sunday:

Kisses for the birthday boy!
(Sam was napping--otherwise we would have had him in the picture, too.)

How old is Noah?
THREE!  (Well, he will be tomorrow.)

 Happy St. Patrick's Day (and happy actual birthday, Noah)!
We're wearing our green.

Peter, Sam and I went out for dinner.
Emily & Noah spent the night at Grandpa and Grandma's timeshare. 


 I put these clouds up on the wall this week with cornstarch paste via pinterest

 He's such a great dad :)