Thursday, April 3, 2014

March Madness: week one

Our "March Madness" had nothing to do with basketball… and 'madness' maybe isn't the right word to describe it… OR if I'm honest, maybe it is!  (You can decide for yourself!)

After looking at the quantity of photos I have for March, I realized I'll need to post week by week… from Feb 25-today (April 2) I've taken over 2,000 photos!

Here's week one: March 2-8, but to be honest, I'm starting with the afternoon of February 28th, which is when we came home from the hospital.

Feb. 28
We came home around lunch time.
Noah and my mom were out, but came home shortly.
To say that Noah is infatuated with his baby brother would be an understatement.  
He is completely smitten with Sammy and it melts my heart.  I never realized how much I could love having sons!

 Noah 'helping' to give Sam a bottle shortly after arriving home.

 Do you see the smiles on Noah's face??
He and Emily set up this play mat and Noah was super excited to show it to Sam.

Sam's first bath… he didn't love it, and Emily was in charge of taking pictures, so this is the best shot.  (Now though, 4 weeks later, he seems to really enjoy bath time!)

Holding Sam (still Feb. 28) with Daddy while watching a movie. 

March 1.  Good morning.  "I hold Sam, Mommy? … Pleeeease?"

Saturday, Michael and Jill came to hang out and visit for the day. 

March 2.  Good morning.  "I hold Sammy, Mommy?  … Pleease?  I do it myself?"

I got the camera out to take pictures of Sam with my mom, so Noah wanted to have his picture taken too of course.

March 2.  On the way to church!

March 3.  My boys in their striped footie jammies.
(Em in her uniform, ready to go to school.)

March 4
My mom's week here ended and she had to leave today to return home to Iowa.
Sam and I spent the day together.
We missed Grandma, but survived just fine.

March 5
Always a good reminder. 

Our first walk!  (March 5 or 6… can't remember!) 

Last minute trip (in pajamas!) to get ice cream!

 March 6: Peter's mom, Cindy, arrived to help us out for a week!

March 7: Sammy's first trip to Disneyland!!

Peter was directing the band, so after getting the kids off to school, Cindy, Samuel and I went and watched Peter. It was physically exhausting for me, but SO worth it, getting to see Peter.  :)

Check it out… here's a link to a video clip from one of his sets!

Sammy's still sleeping 18+ hours a day, so he slept almost all of the whole time we were at Disney which made life a bit easier for me!

Snuggling at home with Grandma Patches.

Aunt Jill came down and we had cake to celebrate her birthday (earlier this week).
While she was here she helped me with a spontaneous newborn mini photo shoot.  Here are some of the results:

(Disclaimer: None of these images are edited and I am NOT a photographer… I am a mom to a newborn people… no time for editing pictures!) :)

This is one of my favorites :)

I know they say that third children often hit milestones earlier than their siblings because they're trying to keep up, but I'm pretty sure that you shouldn't be trying to scoot at only 1 1/2 weeks old buddy!

Teeny tiny toes!

That's all for now!

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