Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Life: September Week 1

September 4th-10th, 2011

Sunday night Peter and I went on a date. (Yipee!)  We went to see "The Help".  I loved it.  We both loved it.  I cried.  We both... well, I'll speak for myself :)

Monday was Labor Day.  I prepped for school and tried to relax.

Tuesday was my first day of school!  I celebrated my survival of said first day by having a girls' game night out.  :)

Wednesday was Emily's first day of school!  This was much more momentous than my first day.  I never really understood why moms cried at their kids first day of school.  I didn't cry... but I probably could have.  I think it's easier since I work at her school.  It's something that now I'm really thankful for.  As a teacher, I always liked my school, but now that I'm a parent with a child at the school, I love it.

She loved pre-school (we had a sneaking suspicion that she would!)  In fact, she loved it so much that we switched her from half day to full day so she'll be there three days a week, all day (8-3ish).
(Photo above: first day of school excitement!)

Thursday & Friday it was CRAZY hot outside still.  Well, Friday was a little bit better... but to stay cool we had lots of picnics and activities outside on our front lawn this week where it's shaded.

Thursday I took the kids out for ice cream, then to the craft store & then we came home and painted in the front lawn.  Lots of neighbors and passer-bys stopped to chat.

Lounging at home, Friday after school watching a TV show.

Saturday morning snuggles.  (Noah was over it at this point.) 
 Saturday morning HAWKEYE FOOTBALL!!!

Saturday afternoon Pete went to work at Disney and we had a HAIL storm.
I'm not gonna lie... it was bizarre to see golf ball size hail in Long Beach.  Fortunately it didn't cause us any harm.  See you next week!

Our Life: August Week 5

August Week 5
August 28-September 3

Inservice at school.
meetings... working in my classroom... lunch with colleagues...

 Saturday morning: Go Hawks!
Saturday afternoon: Pool party at Scholte's :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Our Life: August Week 4

August Week 4:
August 21-27

My little man turned 5 months old last week!! 
Check out his 2 front teeth! 


 Who's that funny guy in yellow?  Oh wait--it's Daddy!!
mmm... messy sweet potatoes!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Our life: August Week 3

August Week 3

Sorry, but I don't have time to write captions.
Maybe later.
For now: pictures!

Good times in Iowa City.