Friday, July 31, 2009

July 16

Photo #1: Gotta love this picture and the way Gramma Markee is watching Emily.  I love spending time with them together.  :) 

Photos #2 & #3: Emily and I hung out with Jenny and Russell today.  We had a good time (despite Em's bad attitude at times).  I think all of the traveling has gotten to her...poor girl.  

Anyway, I love the picture of us snapping and pointing, trying to get the toddlers' attention, all for the sake of one decent photo.  :)  I'm sure some other moms can relate...

Photo #4: Also, the photo of Russ approaching Em while she was sitting in the chair...?  Hm.  Well, Jenny had said "Russ, why don't you go give Emily a kiss?"  and Russell went over (a good, sweet obedient little boy) then I snapped this photo and two seconds later Em whipped her arm back and smacked Russ in the face. [sigh]  Where did I go wrong?! Oh sweet little (abusive) Emily... we do have quite a bit to work on!

Photo #5: Last but not least, I got to see Chris, Amy, Amy's parents and BABY ELLA!  What a beautiful family!

What a beautiful day :)

July 15

...on the road again...
this time it's taking us to Iowa City :)

July 14

We spent most of today in Sioux Falls with Steve, Davee, Austin and Tate.  Around dinner time we drove to Luverne to have dinner with Grandma Shirley and then drive around Luverne, seeing the Courthouse, downtown, the cemetery and more.  We had a nice visit and then kept going on our way back to Orange City again.... places to go... people to see... :)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

July 13

Em bathing at her cousins' house
Pete and Tate
Tater Tot and Em
Cousin Austin
All three cousins at the park :)

July 12

We met Pete's family today at the Twins game.  It was the mascot game which was fun.  Afterwards we went to Paul and Laura's new place and made dinner.  After dinner we all went to Steve and Davee's hotel for a swim.  Good times with the Connells.  :)

July 11

Happy 5 year Anniversary to us!  
[Can you believe it has already been FIVE years?!?]
Hmm.  No real photos for today.  I do that a lot...on days that I really enjoy, especially if they're relaxing, I just completely forget to take a picture.  Oh well.  Maybe when I have a chance I'll scan and upload a photo from our wedding day.  :) In the meantime, here's the Radisson we're staying at in the Nicollet Mall (Minneapolis)
Last night we went out to the Dakota for dinner and jazz.  
Today we went to Sabai Body Temple and had couples massages.  Wow was that great!
I miss our baby girl, but am really enjoying spending time with my babe!

July 10

Today we left Emily with Pete's parents and headed up to Minneapolis just the two of us!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 9

We all spent the day in Orange City today, just laying low and hanging out at the Connell's.  Emily and Patch, their schnoodle, had fun taking turns chasing each other around.

July 8

What were you doing 07:08:09:10:11:12?

We were on a plane, flying from Las Vegas, NV to Sioux Falls, SD.
Emily was sleeping on my lap.

Today was a monumental day... 07/08/09.
What were you doing at 10:11:12 or better yet, 12:34:56 am (&/or) pm?

at 12:34:56 we were riding to Steve and Davee's to see Emma's cousins and grandparents with Pizza Ranch pizza in the back seat :)

July 7

Change of plans.
We left today (Tuesday).
We were supposed to start traveling tomorrow, but found a great rate for a hotel with free parking, so we quick packed our suitcases and jumped in the car for Las Vegas.

Emily is our little helper and was happy to help with all of the piles of clothes (well, 'help' might not be the right word).  She also wanted to help with the driving.

Although the packing was frantic, it was super nice to be on our way and relax in Vegas for a night before heading to the midwest.  :)

July 6

It was a super early morning.  Em was up at 4 am and came with us down to San Diego for the day.  Here she was swinging at the park.  Happy (and SLEEPY) little girl.

July 5

Em really likes to dress herself and show her personality.  
This was today's ensemble.  Apparently the dress mom put her in was not quite enough.
Notice how she uses a second dress as a low rise belt and accessorizes with a bright little mermaid sun hat.  
Quite the little fashionista :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

July 4

Happy 4th of July!!
We went across the Port of Long Beach to Cabrillo Beach where Pete was playing with the Golden Pops Orchestra.  They had Independence Day celebrations at the beach all day long and we had a lot of fun.  It was neat to watch and hear Peter play with the fireworks going off behind the orchestra, over the ocean.  [What a stud I married, huh?!]  :)
It actually was the best fireworks display I've ever seen.  Lenee came with us and I think we were both surprised by it (in a good way, of course!)  It was a wonderful and patriotic 4th.

July 3

"Oh daddy... so many kisses in public are embarrassing!"

Today was another great summer day.  I love not having a set schedule!

We took Emily swimming again, this time with Jenn, Payton, Audra & Chloe.  We had a fun time.  Em and Chloe spent a lot of time having a poolside tea party on the steps of the pool, Payton and Audra worked on their diving and Pete, Jenn and I tried to relax and keep an eye on all the kiddos.

Also, Jenn and I went back to boot camp this morning (at 5AM!) and we are both SUPER SORE!  Ouch!

Tonight after a walk, a bike ride and a stop at our neighbor's lemonade stand, Pete and Em went to the park to hear the Long Beach Municipal Band while I went to Don Jose's for dinner and margaritas with the girls.

July 2


Today Em and I went to Lenee's to go swimming.  WOW!  Emily has NO fear!
Lenee, her friend Jen (who was also there) and I have a combined 20+ years of being swimming instructors, and none of us have seen a little girl take to water like her!  She jumps right in, puts her face in the water, goes all the way under, and nothing bothers her!  It's great!  She kicked while floating on her tummy and even floated a little on her back (with help, of course).   
What a cute little fish!!

July 1

Oh my heart!  Isn't she adorable?!  I promise I didn't stage this, either!  She came into the room, picked up the violin and bow and tried to climb onto the bed.  (I did take away the instrument while she climbed) but then this is all Em!

June 30

we [heart] fresh garden veggies!

check out our first ripe tomato of the season :)  and em is getting a handle on her corn-on-the-cob.  yum!

June 29

We went to the park this morning with Dawn, Emily and Joe and then had lunch at their house.  We had so much fun!  To top it all off, they sent us home with this adorable trike and a car/wagon that we're get to borrow!   Em loves those kiddos, and the new toys!

June 28

The Olsons had us over for lunch today and we had a nice, relaxing day.  Gotta love Sundays.  :)

June 27

What a fun evening!!

We packed up our bikes and drove down to the beach where we rode our bikes up and down the beach.  It was SO beautiful!
When we were done biking we went to Trader Joe's and BevMo to get some fresh yummy food and drinks for dinner.  After we ate and put Emily to bed, Lenee and Nathan came over for a bonfire, s'mores and summery mixed drinks.

Good times.  :)  Good food.  :)  Good friends.  :)  Good night.  :)