Tuesday, August 25, 2015

July 2015

July 2015

We started July back in Iowa.
We were in Iowa 3 weeks, without Peter.
It was mostly good, but three weeks without Peter (except for a couple days on two weekends) was tough.

Back at the Iowa GymNests 

 "more please"

 at the park

 ...at the Childrens' Museum

Roasting marshmallows for s'mores

Happy 4th of July 

Face painting at the Jazz fest 

...and a really cute bath time pic, but I'll leave it off the blog... 

 goof balls

She made it to the top! 

Noah loved Tigger 


Buying snacks for the flight home 

Happy Anniversary to us!

(The kids were happy at home with my dad.)

Then my mom flew out, we came home and we prepared for Michael and Jill's baby shower. 

Here are the baby blankets I stayed up late sewing for my nephew-to-be, Jack! 

The debut day of the new Disneyland Band!! 

 They were awesome and so much fun.  :D

It was super hot out though, so Sam and I stayed cool at the baby station. 

While we were eating lunch, it started raining at the baby shower (boo!) so I snapped this pic of some of my sad decorations before taking the rest of them down. 
It was fine (but super crowded) inside, so we gathered there for desserts and to open gifts. 
They liked the blankets and burp cloths.
Thanks for the navy peter pan fabric, Laura! 

Dinner at Romano Cucina and a walk on Sunset Beach.

The next week this kid kept crashing right before it was time to pick up his big brother and sister at VBS. 

Steve and Cindy drove out to visit the day after my folks left so we had lots of great time with grandparents.
Friday night concerts (and balloons) in the park at El Dorado. 

...and the kids finally got to go see Daddy's new band! 


Mornings at Long Beach harbor 

Evenings with friends 

Beating the heat with an afternoon movie

 Baby's first Starbucks date with Mommy

"what do you mean my milk is all gone?"

Sunday morning VBS finale at Long Beach CRC
Dinosaur kiddie pool in the backyard 

 Morning trip to IKEA

Making chocolate milkshakes!

random snuggles 

LA Zoo 

 with Michael and Jill

and last but not least...
with undies on your head.
Happy Summer!