Thursday, May 27, 2010

May: Week 3

::Project Life::
::Third Week of May 2010::

Yes, this was last Saturday, but I wanted to throw in one more.
Getting ready for church.

Mondays can be tough ;)

Tuesday morning, as I was getting into my car, a few purple flowers from this tree outside our house fell on me, so I looked up and took this photo.
The picture doesn't do justice to the beauty of these trees.
They line our street and I love their little lavender flowers.

Wednesday afternoon.
Home again after my last week of after school lessons!
Time to build a castle!
Thursday afternoon.
"Annie Junior" Rehearsal from 3-5.
It was rough.

Lindsey, over at The Pleated Poppy is doing "What I Wore Wednesdays".
I like the idea of it, but not the reality.
Anyway, I took a few pictures, disliked them all... but decided to post this anyway.
It's about capturing real life, right? :)
(This was Friday before school.)
Saturday afternoon, post-nap.

Sorry for posting late!
Life here is a bit crazy right now,
but there are only TWO weeks of school left!
Have a beautiful day!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

May Week 2

May 9-May 15, 2010

Happy Mothers' Day!
Emily came in, put her cute little hands on my face and sang "Happy Mommy Day" (to the tune of "Happy Birthday") to wake me up this morning. It was a very happy mommy day :)
(This photo is drastically cropped, but I will include the whole one in my book.... just didn't want to post it here!)
Monday. May 10.
{Kenny, Tigger, Bunny and Sasha at our tea party}
Mondays are long because I have late rehearsals, but after dinner Emily and I had a tea party with ice cream. She brought some of her favorite friends along. :)
Tuesday. May 11.
Wednesday. May 12.
My desk at the elementary school
Thursday. May 13.
"Annie Junior" Rehearsal.
(Clearly... we're rehearsing...)
Gotta love the middle school kids :)

Friday. May 14.
{YAY for personal days!!}
We went to La Jolla, just for fun.
It was cold!
But that didn't stop our little fish!

"I don't wanna go."
Emily's good friend Jocelyn came over.
These two crack me up.
They are adorable together.

Monday, May 10, 2010

May Week 1

May 2nd :: May 8th

Sunday, May 2nd.
Oops. I posted Sunday's pictures last week!
We went to church, came home for a nap and then watched the game at the Huismans with Michael, Becca & Josie :)

Monday, May 3rd.
Life is busy.
Mondays seem forever long.
Pete stayed home tonight though which made for some good family time.

Tuesday, May 4th.
Tuesdays are becoming my favorite day of the week.
A little bit of calm in the midst of springtime busy-ness.
(And lazy mornings for these two!)

Wednesday, May 5th.
Em's ballerina bag from London.
She filled it full of Berenstein Bear books.

Thursday, May 6th.
Go Dodgers!
We found cheap tickets and went to a Dodgers game with Uncle Mike and (soon-to-be) Aunt Jill! Emily LOVED it--she wore her Dodgers shirt (thanks Gpa Cary!) and talked about "boo-ball" all day long.

Friday, May 7th.
Lately Emily wants to do EVERYTHING just. like. mommy.
This means every morning while I do my hair she stands on the step stool and does her hair too. The phrase I hear most often is: "Me too! Mommy! Me too! Please?"
[... and i love it.]
Saturday, May 8th.
It was a perfect morning to go to the beach.
So we went.
I LOVE living so close to the beach!

:: just add water ::

Monday, May 3, 2010

April Week 4

April 25th - May 1st

Sunday. 4.25.
Happy Birthday, Grandma Cathy!!!
Emily called Grandma today to sing 'Happy Birthday' to her and wish her "Happy Grandma Day". :) She also had fun playing with these balloons that she received from the Spinellas at the Pasta Bar.

Monday. 4.26.
Mondays are long.
No time for photos.

Tuesday. 4.26.
Emily's first braid!
Her hair is getting so long, and I love that we haven't cut it yet!
Wednesday. 4. 27.
I taught lessons until 6 pm.
I'd rather have been home...
but I'm also thankful to have a job, and one that I love.
Pete made dinner. :)
Family time at home tonight. :)

Thursday. 4.28.

Friday. 4. 29.

Saturday. 4. 30.
The weather is beautiful and having a picnic in the backyard was a blast!
Sunday. 5.1.
Oops... I usually stop on Saturdays, but since I don't have many photos this week I'll include Sunday, too. This is baby Josie. She's a doll. And yes, she's wearing the same shirt that Em was wearing on Tuesday :) ... in a much smaller size... :)