Monday, May 3, 2010

April Week 4

April 25th - May 1st

Sunday. 4.25.
Happy Birthday, Grandma Cathy!!!
Emily called Grandma today to sing 'Happy Birthday' to her and wish her "Happy Grandma Day". :) She also had fun playing with these balloons that she received from the Spinellas at the Pasta Bar.

Monday. 4.26.
Mondays are long.
No time for photos.

Tuesday. 4.26.
Emily's first braid!
Her hair is getting so long, and I love that we haven't cut it yet!
Wednesday. 4. 27.
I taught lessons until 6 pm.
I'd rather have been home...
but I'm also thankful to have a job, and one that I love.
Pete made dinner. :)
Family time at home tonight. :)

Thursday. 4.28.

Friday. 4. 29.

Saturday. 4. 30.
The weather is beautiful and having a picnic in the backyard was a blast!
Sunday. 5.1.
Oops... I usually stop on Saturdays, but since I don't have many photos this week I'll include Sunday, too. This is baby Josie. She's a doll. And yes, she's wearing the same shirt that Em was wearing on Tuesday :) ... in a much smaller size... :)

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