Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Week 4

January 24th-January 30th.

It was a good week with lots of time at home and not too much to report.

[this isn't peek-a-boo... it's her creative hiding spot for hide & seek]
We had more rain last week and during the first few days of this week than I've ever seen in California.  It was cold and rainy and I loved it :)

  It was nice for a change and gave us an excuse to cuddle up inside and read books, play dress up, bake cookies, play hide & seek (approximately 1,000 times) and more.  
(It was also nice though when the sun came out and Emily could 'finally' go to the park.  A week without the swings is too long for this little girl!)

[dressing up in fancy shoes to practice dancing like Cinderella]
[This was a happy little surprise: 
it's a photo canvas that I ordered a week or two ago (for FREE) 
that I had forgotten about until it showed up in the mail!  
Look how much Em has grown!!]

[baking cookies with mama]
We are enjoying these days together
 and anticipating lots of visitors in the upcoming months. 
 Steve, Davee, Austin & Tate in February... 
Steve, Andrea, Lillian, Josiah & Brielle in March... 
Mom, Dad & David on two weekends later in March... 
and then Mom and Dad for Easter weekend--
Mom staying with Emily for the week while Peter and I go to London!

See you next week!

Friday, January 29, 2010

January Week 3 (17th-23rd)

We started the week [freezing] in Iowa City [and having a wonderful weekend] with the Covingtons.  :)

I took a 1/2 personal day on last week Friday and we flew to Iowa for the long weekend.  We had a great time visiting with Grandpa Cary, Grandma Cathy, Great Gramma Markee, Uncle David, Tigger and Sasha.  

{I must tell you that Em is deeply missing Sasha (and the rest of you, I'm sure...)  Almost  everytime we see a puppy she says "Mommy, look!  Puppy!  I go see Sasha?  I see Sasha now? Mommy, please?"}

YAY for a weekend in Iowa!  :)

Em's all dressed and ready to go!
(Thanks Jenn for letting us borrow Chloe's coat!)
Snow Much Fun! ;)

 I grabbed this hat 'cause I was freezing... I didn't realize how silly it looked on me until I saw these photos!

Fun with Gpa & Gma!
Uncle D-Cov!

4 generations :)
We came home to a tornado warning
Tornado warning in SoCal.
[back home, watching the 'hope for haiti now' program]

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January Week 2 (10th-16th)

January 10th-January 16th

"Mommy?  I go fwim in the pooh pwease?"
(Tonight this was as close as we could get :)

Meeting baby Josie :)
kisses for the 'bebee'

Josie and her mama
our silly little girl getting ready for bed

Em's new boots for our upcoming weekend in Iowa!
Someone's ready for a nap!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Project Life 2010

So even though I started Project 365 in February last year, now that it's January it's time for me to decide what to do for next year.  There are a lot of things I liked about the project... lots of memories that otherwise would have gone undocumented... lots of pictures shared with family and friends far away... lots of other benefits too...

It's hard though to take a photo everyday, and many days went by without photos... then there were days when it was too hard to choose just one...

what to do... what to do. . .

I'm thinking a "Project Life", similar to what Becky Higgins, Jessica Turner and hundreds of others are doing... but less structured [read: less stressful].

So, what can you expect?  Posts once a week with photos from the week, maybe 5-10 pictures from the week.  Sometimes they'll be one or two a day, sometimes it'll be several from one day.  Whatever works that week.  My goal will be to post on Tuesday of the following week (clearly I'm already behind!)

Here goes... welcome to our Project Life!

But first... top ten.. um, ok... fifteen photos from 2009 Project 365:



Project Life 2010 Week 1

January 1, 2010
Happy New Year!!
We woke up very early to go to the Pasadena Rose Parade.
Emily loved it!  (So did the rest of us)
mmm... that's some much needed coffee...
we saw more great bands than I can remember
and beautiful floats
this float from Burbank was Em's favorite
and you can't forget Jackie Chan--
he was stuck right in front of us for about 10 minutes!
Friday afternoon Josie Renae Huisman made her long awaited appearance :)
We went to the hospital to meet her on Saturday.
Mom and daughter are both doing well.