Sunday, January 31, 2010

January Week 4

January 24th-January 30th.

It was a good week with lots of time at home and not too much to report.

[this isn't peek-a-boo... it's her creative hiding spot for hide & seek]
We had more rain last week and during the first few days of this week than I've ever seen in California.  It was cold and rainy and I loved it :)

  It was nice for a change and gave us an excuse to cuddle up inside and read books, play dress up, bake cookies, play hide & seek (approximately 1,000 times) and more.  
(It was also nice though when the sun came out and Emily could 'finally' go to the park.  A week without the swings is too long for this little girl!)

[dressing up in fancy shoes to practice dancing like Cinderella]
[This was a happy little surprise: 
it's a photo canvas that I ordered a week or two ago (for FREE) 
that I had forgotten about until it showed up in the mail!  
Look how much Em has grown!!]

[baking cookies with mama]
We are enjoying these days together
 and anticipating lots of visitors in the upcoming months. 
 Steve, Davee, Austin & Tate in February... 
Steve, Andrea, Lillian, Josiah & Brielle in March... 
Mom, Dad & David on two weekends later in March... 
and then Mom and Dad for Easter weekend--
Mom staying with Emily for the week while Peter and I go to London!

See you next week!

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