Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our Life :: March 2011 :: Week 3

March Week Three

I hadn't posted any of these yet because the thought of narrowing them down to just 7 was really intimidating. There are 17 here... and probably 300 more on my computer. However, for my project life album I'm going to try to choose 7 to represent the week, so I'd love your input regarding which to select!
Leave a comment and tell me your favorites!
(Keep in mind that all of the photos will be going in horizontally, so an occasional vertical is fine, but when I like a horizontal and vertical photo evenly, the horizontal is the one I go with.)

#1. Sunday-Wednesday Emily spent a lot of time with her grandparents and Mom & Dad.
It was NOT especially warm outside but she really wanted to swim in the backyard.
Grandpa humored her and filled up the baby pool and she had a blast.
Also, Dad was super busy working on a project due on the 21st... trying to get it done before baby arrived!

Thursday, March 17th
Welcome baby Noah!!!!
We love you!!!
#2. Daddy and Noah, just minutes after he was born. Daddy's still in scrubs and Noah's opening his eyes to look around.

#3. Mom and Noah in the recovery room

#4. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

5. Yes, he is Irish... and born on St.Patty's, too. :)

6. Tiny toes

7. I love how he's gripping my finger and looking right at the camera with a look that seems to say 'I don't know what's going on, but I've got my mama, so I think it's okay.'

8. Just a few hours old and he already found his thumb to suck.

9. Mom's in love

10. So is big sister Emily

11. This melts my heart

12. Our first photo as a family of four

13. Emily and Noah hanging out on my hospital bed

14. kisses for baby

15. She takes her big sister duties seriously :)

16. She picked out this book/toy for Noah and was excited to 'read' it to him.
17. Sweet Baby Boy

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our Life :: March 2011 :: Week 2

March 2011 :: Week 2
{March 6-March 12}
More nesting.
When we decided to paint Emily and baby's room, that meant taking everything out.
Once everything was out, I realized I only wanted to put about 1/2 of it back.
That left me with a LOT of stuff and no where to put it!
That meant... the guest room!

Well, I couldn't just leave all that stuff sitting there so I started cleaning...
and then realized...
I *had* to rearrange the furniture and totally clean out the cabinet and closet.

Yes, I *had to*.

Because, there wouldn't be any time to do it once baby comes... and since I can't sleep well anyways I might as well stay up until 4am organizing, right?! :)

Well, we did it. (Yes, Pete stayed up til 4am one night too to help me.)
We refrained from painting (though the room really needs it!) but we moved everything (and there is a LOT of BIG furniture in that room!)
I lifted more than I should have probably, but all's well that ends well, right? :)
The kids' room is coming along pretty nicely too... see?
My adorable little girl with her heart shaped pb & j.
Cliché? Maybe, but I still wanted the photo.

Saturday morning we went to the park down the street and our friend Nathan shot some family photos for us. Sorry the images are so small, maybe I'll re-upload them later.
I did a similar shoot for some friends before they had their second baby, and really liked the idea of getting family photos before baby's arrival.
We were there less than an hour, but we ended up with some great shots.
Thanks Nathan!

5 days or less until BABY!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Life :: March 2011 :: Week 1

March 2011
It's March! We're having a baby this month! I start maternity leave SOON!
I'd say this definitely qualifies as 'March Madness' ;)

March 1
Today was the Fine Arts Festival at the Crystal Cathedral.
These are some of my many students who participated.
It was a great day, and the best part was I just sat with my feet up, tuned some instruments, listened to the product of our hard work and got to go home before 4:00! :)
I have the sweetest students :)

I love my job :)
(most of the time!)
March 2
Emily has been playing with her dolls a lot more lately, and I think she is really beginning to understand that the new baby is coming soon!!
March 3 (well, it looked like this for 3 or 4 days!)
Ugh. In all of my 'nesting' endeavors, I have managed to create quite a mess!!
March 5
Baby clothes are now washed, sorted and in baby's room I have all the 'gender neutral' newborn clothes along with a few girl and a few boy outfits. :)

LOTS of green and yellow...
but the question remains:
pink? or blue??

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Our Life: February Week 4

Our Life: February Week 4
February 20-26

Sunday, February 20th
Yesterday morning, Jamie and I went shopping at the discount fabric store for fabric for our baby quilts. She's making one for a baby girl, and I'm going to try to make two... one boy, and one girl. Saturday afternoon Emily and I went to JoAnns to find more fabric, and Sunday we went to another JoAnns... now I have almost all of the fabric, and at great prices, too!
(Thank you, President's Day sales!)
Pete worked yesterday afternoon and today, after church, but whenever I could sneak in an hour or so I was sitting at the dining room table, cutting out squares for the quilts.
Sunday night after Em was in bed I finished laying out all of my squares for the girl quilt.

Monday I worked on the baby boy quilt... but I'm still not sure if I like it...
Tuesday, Feb. 22nd
Why don't I remember to take photos of flowers until they're way past their prime?
oh well.... they're still beautiful...
Wednesday, Feb. 23rd
I brought out all of the newborn baby clothes today, took out the gender neutral ones along with the handful of boys clothes we have and a few favorite (and not stained) girl clothes.
I rewashed them in baby detergent, and now their ready to go!
While I worked on that, Emily made a flower for me out of play dough.
Thursday, February 24th
I took my middle school orchestra students downtown to Disney Hall to hear the LA Philharmonic!
It was a concert for middle school kids about Gershwin (we heard Rhapsody in Blue and An American in Paris), and they had actors doing a skit that explored whether Gershwin and this music were 'classical' or 'jazz'. It was cute, and thankfully, my students were very well behaved and had a great time!
After the concert we ate lunch in the gardens before going back to school.
(No, this is not the whole orchestra, but close to it.)

Friday, Feb. 25th
My sweet colleagues had a diaper shower for me, so we are set with diapers for a long time!
I've never been so happy to see diapers. :)
Em enjoyed them too, and she made this 'diaper train' out of several of the boxes of diapers.

Saturday, Feb. 26th
My plan for today was to deep clean Emily's room and bring in the baby stuff.
(Changing table, diapers, etc.)
In the process of trying to clean the walls, I realized that the Magic Eraser was taking the paint off the wall, and the other cleaning products weren't doing anything...
Me: "How in the world am I supposed to get these walls clean without taking off the paint?"
Pete: "I don't really think there's anything you can do about it...
...unless you just repaint ..."
Me: "Hmm... tempting."
Pete: "Want to?"
Me: "Ha... seriously? ...well... OK!"
Minutes later we had decided on a color and Pete was off to Lowe's while I worked on prepping the bedroom.
A few hours later, we were done! :)
(Emily helped too... she was even able to help paint a little section of the wall!)