Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our Life :: March 2011 :: Week 1

March 2011
It's March! We're having a baby this month! I start maternity leave SOON!
I'd say this definitely qualifies as 'March Madness' ;)

March 1
Today was the Fine Arts Festival at the Crystal Cathedral.
These are some of my many students who participated.
It was a great day, and the best part was I just sat with my feet up, tuned some instruments, listened to the product of our hard work and got to go home before 4:00! :)
I have the sweetest students :)

I love my job :)
(most of the time!)
March 2
Emily has been playing with her dolls a lot more lately, and I think she is really beginning to understand that the new baby is coming soon!!
March 3 (well, it looked like this for 3 or 4 days!)
Ugh. In all of my 'nesting' endeavors, I have managed to create quite a mess!!
March 5
Baby clothes are now washed, sorted and in baby's room I have all the 'gender neutral' newborn clothes along with a few girl and a few boy outfits. :)

LOTS of green and yellow...
but the question remains:
pink? or blue??

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