Thursday, May 22, 2014

April 2014

April was a busy, but really great month for us.

These photos are from the last few days of March, through the first few days of May.

March 30th, we celebrated Peter's birthday! (...with a gluten free chocolate cake!)
Peter liked the cake but I think that only goes to show how long it has been since he's had real cake--it was super dry--but as long as the birthday boy is happy--oh well!
Happy Birthday, babe!

I was still on maternity leave for most of the month and loved spending my days with this sweetheart. 
 I love this smile!

My friend Julie was Sam's first official babysitter for a morning so I could spend some quality time with Emily & Noah.  We went to a park (different than our normal neighborhood one) and had a picnic lunch.  I also got them these new sunglasses for the occasion.  (Win for mom and the dollar store!)

Pete and I sent the two big kids to a church sponsored 'date night child care' and went out for a couple hours.  Sammy tagged along, but it was nice, and the closest we've gotten to a date in awhile.  :)
(Yummy lattes and treats from Paris Baguette.) 

Saturday morning paint session while Sammy naps and Daddy works. 

This boy…
He is giving us a run for our money.
We are BEYOND exhausted because he
he is so happy, sweet, snuggly, and darling that I hardly mind.

 That smile.  Ah.  Love it.  Love him.
(Even at 1 am, 3 am and 5am.)
Would also love a little sleep though buddy…

Is this not the greatest father-son picture? 

Emily celebrated another friend's birthday party at MyGym.
Here she is with Caroline. 

Brothers are awesome. 

Mama and her baby late at night.

My dapper little man.

Playing with Uncle Mike and Aunt Jill on Palm Sunday.

Sam's one month old!
Well, 1 1/2 months in this photo…. and he's growing REALLY fast!

We had 'Spring Break' (in quotes because it was my last week of maternity leave).
Peter took a few days off of work and we had a lot of fun as a family.

Playing (briefly) at Seal Beach after our family pizza picnic. 

Dress up fun with friends at our house during a potluck dinner get together.

Sea World on Thursday 
Emily and Peter on a ride at Sea World.

Crazy kids!  (I don't know where they get it!) ;)
Another picnic at another beach--this time in Palos Verdes by the light house.

Happy Easter!

I went back to work and we all adjusted.
My students decorated my classroom and made a diet coke castle with 156 cans of diet coke!
(Thank you 6th graders for keeping me well caffeinated to deal with the sleepless nights.)
Emily was the cat (with the fiddle) from "Hey Diddle Diddle" for Nursery Rhyme Day and she even got to borrow one of mom's violins which her kindergarten friends were pretty impressed by.

Lenee and I took all three kids to Disneyland to watch Peter direct the Disneyland Band.
 Emily got a turn directing, too!

 My sweet girl blesses me with love notes like this almost every single day.
I'm a lucky mom.  :)


3pm.  :) 

April 25th: 2 months old already! 

 (This picture makes me laugh.)

Sammy has started grabbing onto me.  It melts my heart. 

It has been unseasonably hot. 
Baby shower for Kelley. 

That's a wrap!