Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life: January 3

Project Life 2011

January 16th-January 22nd
7 photos a week...
sometimes it's one a day...
but I'm taking a no stress philosophy this year.

(At 34 weeks preggo, working full time and chasing a toddler, I think I'm allowed that, right?) :)

So forgive me... photos from Saturday, Jan. 15th at the beach are going in this week's slot instead.
Sunset Beach, CA
Our next door neighbor tipped us to the fact that it would be cleaner here than at Seal Beach (where we usually go), especially after all of the rain that we've had.
He was right--it was GORGEOUS!
Every time we go to the beach I think...
'why don't we do this more often?'
Daddy and Emily, playing in the waves.
Uncle Paul and Aunt Laura made a last minute trip
out to see us this weekend (from Minneapolis!),
and we were soo happy to have them come!
We just wish Uncle Paul hadn't gotten sick for their short visit!
Thanks for visiting us!
I gave Em her FIRST HAIRCUT!!
She was really excited about it, and very appreciative :)

How was your week?

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Life: January 2

Project Life 2011
January 9th-15th

It’s just the three of us again.
Today we did a little cleaning, but mostly we were lazy and just enjoyed the day.
January 9th

Lead worship at church

NY pizza in Seal Beach

Family naptime

Cleaning, laundry and prep for the week

No baby sitter for Bible study

Apple pie sans recipe

January 10th

Emily found my drivers’ license!! Yippee!!

January 11th

8:30am Glucose Screening & other blood work

10:30 Ultrasound in Fullerton

11:15 RhoGAM injection and OB appointment with Debra

11:45 new due date: March 10

January 12th

I got 10 hours of sleep last night and feel SO. Much. Better.

Now, if just this back pain would go away.

The house is clean, but I still need to decorate...
it's just an empty slate (which is kinda nice for a few days!)

January 13th

We are tired… all of us.

We cleaned up a bit to get ready for Paul & Laura coming tomorrow (yay!) and built castles and towers out of mega blocks.

Have a great day!!

Life: January 1

Project Life 2011

7 pictures a week.
Maybe one each day...
...though probably not, and that's OK. :)

It's a busy stage of life--working full time, being mommy to an energetic three year old girl, expecting a baby in just over a month, and more--but I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Here's the first week of our year.

We're redoing our bedroom, and part of the makeover involves painting some furniture.
I knew Em would want to help, so I bought her a paintbrush, put her in dingy clothes, and let her paint the inside door of our corner cabinet.
She took her job very seriously and had a great time helping Mommy & Daddy :)

I left the Christmas decor up longer than usual this year, but it was finally time to take it all down. Emily was a little sad to see it go and decided to turn the Christmas tree box into her secret hiding spot.
These are the pillows I made this year.
No, they don't all belong on the couch like that...
I just wanted a photo,
and Em wanted my attention. :)
Emily playing the trombone ornament.
Decent form considering the size, don't you think? ;)
Celebrating my parents' 32nd wedding anniversary on January 7th.
How was your week?

2010 Favorite Photos

So many photos to choose from.
Today, these are my favorites.
Tomorrow, that's likely to change.

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

December Week 5

December Week 5
The LAST Project Life 2010 blog of the year!

This week we went to Phoenix with the Covingtons
to watch the Hawkeyes play in the Insight Bowl Game.

We drove out Monday morning and drove home on Wednesday.

Monday night was the Hawkeye Huddle at the Phoenix Convention Center.

After the Hawkeye Huddle Pete and I were able to catch up for a few minutes with our friend, Andy before he caught his flight back to NY.
Tuesday was David's 22nd birthday, or according to Emily, he turned "two-two".
We went to Dave & Busters for lunch and fun.
Em took a late and much needed nap and then we left for the game!
We are not just fair weather fans...
(obviously... since we went despite all the bad stuff going on lately)
...but even we had our doubts about this game...
but... if you saw the game...
you'll know that my goofy and love-able brother,
David (currently a student at Iowa),
had a great birthday,
and the rest of us had a great night, too :)
Especially Emily!
She was adorable in her Hawkeye gear...
singing along to the fight song...
(she knows almost all the words, and this was her first game!)
Thanks Mom & Dad!
(They convinced Santa to give us the tickets, hotel rooms, meals and all!)
Go Hawks!
Happy New Year!

December Week 4

December Week 4
December 19th-25th
It's Christmas Break!!!!!!!
AND... we are all healthy!!!!!
Woo-hoo! :)

yummy Christmas cookies
stockings and poinsettias
holiday books
lights on the tree
cozy afternoon naps
family campout night, sleeping under the tree :)
Going to see Santa all together at South Coast Plaza...
with Grandpa & Grandma Sasha, Uncle Mike, Aunt Jill, Uncle David, Mommy, Daddy and Emily!
The wait was TWO HOURS LONG but worth it for how much fun we had and how adorable Emily was talking to Santa... riding the reindeer carousel and everything else. :)
Decorating cookies with Mommy and Grandma on Christmas Eve in her new Christmas jammies, before church
Christmas Eve we went to late night service at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena where Pete was playing and then put Emily to bed in the car on the way home.
Christmas morning... so. much. fun.
{do you see how hard she's concentrating on crowning her Cinderella bear?
that cute little tongue only sticks out like that when the utmost concentration is required} :)
Emily's new chair for reading, lounging and hiding :)
and maybe our favorite of Em's gifts... wii just dance kids.
fun for the whole family!