Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life: January 3

Project Life 2011

January 16th-January 22nd
7 photos a week...
sometimes it's one a day...
but I'm taking a no stress philosophy this year.

(At 34 weeks preggo, working full time and chasing a toddler, I think I'm allowed that, right?) :)

So forgive me... photos from Saturday, Jan. 15th at the beach are going in this week's slot instead.
Sunset Beach, CA
Our next door neighbor tipped us to the fact that it would be cleaner here than at Seal Beach (where we usually go), especially after all of the rain that we've had.
He was right--it was GORGEOUS!
Every time we go to the beach I think...
'why don't we do this more often?'
Daddy and Emily, playing in the waves.
Uncle Paul and Aunt Laura made a last minute trip
out to see us this weekend (from Minneapolis!),
and we were soo happy to have them come!
We just wish Uncle Paul hadn't gotten sick for their short visit!
Thanks for visiting us!
I gave Em her FIRST HAIRCUT!!
She was really excited about it, and very appreciative :)

How was your week?

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  1. Love the beaches shots. Congrats on your pregnancy.

  2. these photos are gorgeous :) I love them. And first haircuts! I love it. Happy Project Life :)

  3. Did you really hit the beach in January? This makes me SOOOO jealous as I am hunkering in after 20 inches of snow fell here. Please GO more often and enjoy it for me!!!!! Thinking of you as baby #2 will be here soon!

  4. Julie,

    I have been checking your blog and I'm SO impressed that you're able to take care of both boys while Chris is working so much, and that you're handling it so well being cooped up inside!!

    It is gorgeous here... if you ever want to visit :) As I type this, it's sunny and 75.

    As a new mom of 2, do you have any advice to share before baby comes?

    Stay warm!!