Saturday, January 1, 2011

December Week 4

December Week 4
December 19th-25th
It's Christmas Break!!!!!!!
AND... we are all healthy!!!!!
Woo-hoo! :)

yummy Christmas cookies
stockings and poinsettias
holiday books
lights on the tree
cozy afternoon naps
family campout night, sleeping under the tree :)
Going to see Santa all together at South Coast Plaza...
with Grandpa & Grandma Sasha, Uncle Mike, Aunt Jill, Uncle David, Mommy, Daddy and Emily!
The wait was TWO HOURS LONG but worth it for how much fun we had and how adorable Emily was talking to Santa... riding the reindeer carousel and everything else. :)
Decorating cookies with Mommy and Grandma on Christmas Eve in her new Christmas jammies, before church
Christmas Eve we went to late night service at Lake Avenue Church in Pasadena where Pete was playing and then put Emily to bed in the car on the way home.
Christmas morning... so. much. fun.
{do you see how hard she's concentrating on crowning her Cinderella bear?
that cute little tongue only sticks out like that when the utmost concentration is required} :)
Emily's new chair for reading, lounging and hiding :)
and maybe our favorite of Em's gifts... wii just dance kids.
fun for the whole family!


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