Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Life: January 2

Project Life 2011
January 9th-15th

It’s just the three of us again.
Today we did a little cleaning, but mostly we were lazy and just enjoyed the day.
January 9th

Lead worship at church

NY pizza in Seal Beach

Family naptime

Cleaning, laundry and prep for the week

No baby sitter for Bible study

Apple pie sans recipe

January 10th

Emily found my drivers’ license!! Yippee!!

January 11th

8:30am Glucose Screening & other blood work

10:30 Ultrasound in Fullerton

11:15 RhoGAM injection and OB appointment with Debra

11:45 new due date: March 10

January 12th

I got 10 hours of sleep last night and feel SO. Much. Better.

Now, if just this back pain would go away.

The house is clean, but I still need to decorate...
it's just an empty slate (which is kinda nice for a few days!)

January 13th

We are tired… all of us.

We cleaned up a bit to get ready for Paul & Laura coming tomorrow (yay!) and built castles and towers out of mega blocks.

Have a great day!!

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