Thursday, July 19, 2012

June 1

 Playing in the backyard with Uncle David
 Mmm... shredded wheat :)
Dinner with some friends 

Our little graduate! 

 Cheers to the graduates!  :)
Friday afternoon I shot some quick photos for my friend and her wonderful family.  
After taking the pictures Pete got home and then I left with some girlfriends for Palm Desert for 24 wonderful, restful hours at Jamie's parents' condo.  It was sooo wonderful... sweet relaxation.  :)

May 5

May Week 5

Emily's First Gymnastics Recital 

 BFFs Jocelyn & Emily

Em with her first trophy 

Playing at home with Gpa & Gma Sasha 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

May 4

may week four
{sigh... } oh how I love these boys.

music faculty dinner at our house tonight.
i am so thankful for my wonderful colleagues and their families (aka friends)

May 3

May Week 3

Mother's Day & Teacher Appreciation so close together
a very appreciated (spoiled?) Sarah  :) 

 I found these great chairs to go with the art table this week, and I love this photo of them coloring together.

Emily called me in to her room to show me how she had organized (by cartoon character) and folded her underwear and put them in her organizing bin to go inside her dresser drawer...all by herself!  YUP!  She's my daughter!!  :) 
 Isn't she stinkin' cute?
This was Saturday morning at one of our local parks.   

 After playing for awhile we had a picnic.  :)

May Week 2

May Week 2.... long overdue.
Miss me?  :)

1/2 price frappuccinos at Starbucks = yum!

The good news is that my scrapbooking/project life binder is actually up to date  :)  It would be easier to just take pics of those pages, but we're on vacation now, so I'll just throw these photos up in the meantime.  :)