Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Project Life Update #4

Project Life Update #4
(The last one for today!)

 The kids in their "new" bed, each with their build a bear friend from Grandpa & Grandma.
My gel manicure, a month later.
 Em's report card, play-doh fun, reward points for Emily
Noah's birthday!  (More pics coming soon.)
Meet Yola! He's the little boy Noah's age who we sponsor in South Africa, with a gift and photos he received from us. 
 Kiddos playing in the front yard.
Noah's craft from church, Em's handprint palm branch.
 Easter paintings, journals from a BUSY week, Daddy's birthday!
Peter and Noah BOTH got baseball gloves!!

Spring Break!
A family trip up the coast to Atascadero to visit Great Grandma Cov.

 Pictures need to be developed, but the journaling cards are in!
...and this is where I'm at... last week... not bad!  :)

Phew.  Caught. Up.
(for now)

P.S.  If you are our family and want individual photos from one of these weeks, email me and I can email you the file.  This was just the fastest way to get the blog updated.


Project Life Update 3

PL Update #3

 Week 8
Home... a picture on my whiteboard that one of my students drew of me, ha!  :)
Em's doctor kit from one of the career days they had.  Me experimenting with my hair.  Journaling.  Pretty normal week.  :)

Week 9
 Photos in the back yard after church.

Some of our family photos!!  What a fun experience, and great photos too!

 I am SO thankful for these photos.
 I have the digital files (and copyright permissions) for 70-some of them (awesome, right?) and I'm still trying to decide what I want to do with them.  For now, some of them are in this book and some are framed on our mantel.  I'd like to make canvases, but I'm waiting for a good deal.
Noah found me taking pictures, and sat down to look at them himself.
Both kids LOVE to flip through my project life books and look at all the photos.

Week 10
Fresh strawberries from the local strawberry patch--YUM!
8 bags of clothes donated to the local shelter, and our weekend with Clifford! 
 Also, our living room right before we moved all the furniture.
Ticket to our school's broadway showcase and hanging out on the pier watching the surfers.

Project Life Update 2

Project Life Update #2

 Week 4
An afternoon walk at our beach and a picture Emma drew of our family.

 A picture Em drew of all the girls in her class.

 Week 5
We took Valentine's photos with Aunt Jill on Saturday
A valentine Em made at home with me.  I was trying to get her to make them for other people, but she wanted to make this one for our family.  :)

 Another family photo.  (The boys are wearing bow ties!)

page 2 of week 5

 Week 6
Emily and Noah playing school.  Peter and Noah getting ready in the morning.  Emily playing one of her compositions on her piano.  Crafting. Painted nails.  Morning and evening at home.

Emily in chapel.  Playing in the kids' room.  More musical compositions.  Learning about Martin Luther King Jr. Noah's injured lip.  (He had a bad fall and we had to take him to the ER.)  My expired license, now renewed.  Cooking dinner with my fav wine.  My orchestra kids playing off of their iPads, selfie with Noah.  Noah's new big boy bed.

 Twinsies with Grandma, Emily's first tooth fairy note, playing at the park with Grandpa & Grandma, first attempt at a fishtail braid.

 Valentine's breakfast, flowers from my hubby, diet coke love note from my 5th grade girls, heart balloons, reading with Noah, super boy on the couch.

 I love you too, Emily.

Outside play in the beautiful early spring weather.  Noah learning how to blow bubbles.
  "I {heart} U" alphabet valentines for Emily's class that we made.

Project Life update part 1

Hello?!  Anybody here?
Sorry I haven't been around on this blog for so long!
Life has been busy (surprise, surprise, right?)

I HAVE been keeping more or less up to date with my Project Life book, so I figured I'd share some of it here on the blog incase anyone's interested.
The PL spreads in this post have pictures that were already posted to the blog, but I have the photos of the other weeks too, so they're coming next!

Without further ado:
Project Life 2013
(in progress!)

 Title Page

 Week 1
New Years, Rose Parade and visits with grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins!

 Week 2
Friend's wedding, baking at home...
cheering (and crying) for the Vikings

 Playtime at home, date night out...

Emily's class learned about penguins this week and she brought home lots of penguin crafts

 A coloring page from church

Pictures in the backyard

More coming SOON!