Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Project Life Update 3

PL Update #3

 Week 8
Home... a picture on my whiteboard that one of my students drew of me, ha!  :)
Em's doctor kit from one of the career days they had.  Me experimenting with my hair.  Journaling.  Pretty normal week.  :)

Week 9
 Photos in the back yard after church.

Some of our family photos!!  What a fun experience, and great photos too!

 I am SO thankful for these photos.
 I have the digital files (and copyright permissions) for 70-some of them (awesome, right?) and I'm still trying to decide what I want to do with them.  For now, some of them are in this book and some are framed on our mantel.  I'd like to make canvases, but I'm waiting for a good deal.
Noah found me taking pictures, and sat down to look at them himself.
Both kids LOVE to flip through my project life books and look at all the photos.

Week 10
Fresh strawberries from the local strawberry patch--YUM!
8 bags of clothes donated to the local shelter, and our weekend with Clifford! 
 Also, our living room right before we moved all the furniture.
Ticket to our school's broadway showcase and hanging out on the pier watching the surfers.

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