Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Project Life Update #4

Project Life Update #4
(The last one for today!)

 The kids in their "new" bed, each with their build a bear friend from Grandpa & Grandma.
My gel manicure, a month later.
 Em's report card, play-doh fun, reward points for Emily
Noah's birthday!  (More pics coming soon.)
Meet Yola! He's the little boy Noah's age who we sponsor in South Africa, with a gift and photos he received from us. 
 Kiddos playing in the front yard.
Noah's craft from church, Em's handprint palm branch.
 Easter paintings, journals from a BUSY week, Daddy's birthday!
Peter and Noah BOTH got baseball gloves!!

Spring Break!
A family trip up the coast to Atascadero to visit Great Grandma Cov.

 Pictures need to be developed, but the journaling cards are in!
...and this is where I'm at... last week... not bad!  :)

Phew.  Caught. Up.
(for now)

P.S.  If you are our family and want individual photos from one of these weeks, email me and I can email you the file.  This was just the fastest way to get the blog updated.


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