Thursday, December 31, 2009

December 6

Sunday morning, December 6th.

I tried to take a family photo before church to use on our Christmas card.  We used the timer on my camera and Em had a blast pushing the button and then running to get in place.  She thought the blinking lights and noises were hilarious--maybe I should take more self-portraits with the timer!!  I don't love how this photo turned out, but it was the best of the bunch.  Guess we'll have to try again later.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 4

Friday, December 4.
Playing at home after school and Kathy's.

December 3

Thursday, December 3rd.

Emily wants to wear this dress almost every day.
I think it's adorable.
Tonight she walked over and took off my necklace and put it on herself.
How could I mind when she looks so cute?!

December 2

Wednesday. 12.02.09

I counted yesterday, and between Pete and myself we have 22 concerts/gigs in 20 days.


22 performances in 20 days.

Last night we weren't performing, but rather watching... and listening to Placido Domingo in "Tamerlano" with the LA Opera at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.  Talk about amazing!!

Tonight I had "the most depressing gig in the world", aka the Candlelight Service at Forest Lawn.  It's depressing b/c it's a service for those who have lost someone recently as they prepare for Christmas and have to deal with empty stockings, empty places at the table, etc.  It's a needed service, but the real reason it's depressing to me is because it isn't a Christian service.  Many of these people have no hope of seeing their loved ones again.  They don't believe in God or eternal life or anything and so the service has a message along the lines of: "even though we'll never see them again, they will never leave us because they'll live forever in our memories".

Meanwhile, I'm playing cello and hundreds of people are listening and sobbing uncontrollably.  I don't mean to be disrespectful at all... I hope it's a blessing to them.  I hope it helps them find peace.  I hope the Christmas music might point them towards God, who loves them.  So... it's worth it... but it's still "the most depressing gig in the world".

On a lighter subject, this photo cracks me up :-)
In Em's hand is a Christmas ornament of a trombone that she likes to 'play'.  Pete took this photo this morning and then told me that she went and got his stand and set it up, then the ornament and was standing there 'practicing'.  (aka holding the trombone up to her face and making loud noises).  :)  
Just like Daddy.  :)

December 1

Tuesday, December 1st.
Well, let's be honest.  I wish this wasn't here... but our little girl will watch as much tv as we allow (and we try not to allow much).  But when she can, she loves to watch tv or a movie.  Especially now that we have cable.  For those of you who don't know, this is "Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!".  Just typing that, I now have the annoying theme song playing through my head--make it stop!

November 30

This is our new advent calendar that I just 'made'.
24 socks hung on our mantle!
Eventually each will be numbered and have a passage to read or activity to do inside!

November 29

I put Em in this dress yesterday, and today she wanted to wear it again.  Fine by me.  :)  Photo op, but nothing really turned out.

November 28

Saturday, November 28.
Back at home.
I wanted to take a Christmas card photo, and Em loved putting on this dress, but she wasn't very interested in taking pictures.

November 27

Friday, November 27th, 2009.
Black Friday.

Pete and I continued our annual tradition of getting up before dawn to go shopping.
This morning we hit Staples for a new laptop and a few other stores for a few other Christmas gifts :)

Friday night we went to see a zoo, transformed by Christmas lights (I can't remember what this place was called....) but Em loved it.  I think the highlight for several of us was watching kids try to "ice skate" on plywood.  Yup.  That's ice skating in the desert I guess :)  After that we took Em to meet Santa.  I realize that a lot of kids her age are scared of Santa, but Em is amazingly social and after meeting Santa she found another little girl her age to play with before we went home.

November 26

Happy Thanksgiving!
Thanksgiving Day, 2009.
Emily's dress was knit by my friend, Jenn.  Thanks, Jenn!

November 25

Wednesday, November 25th.
We drove to Palm Springs.
CRAZY traffic, but eventually we made it.
Time to battle evil with "Shadows Over Camelot".
It's the nerdiest game you'll ever love :)

November 24

Tuesday, November 24th.
These days Emily wants to do everything by herself.  Even her diapers :)
(Diaper in hand, now she's picking out her pajamas.)

November 23

School's out, for the students anyways.  Today I had a "Day of Spiritual Renewal" at the Crystal Cathedral.
Pete and I were supposed to go to "Tamerlano" at the LA Opera tonight, but he took a gig at Steamers so we exchanged the tickets for another night.  Since we already had a babysitter lined up I went Christmas shopping and then came home in time to put Em to bed.  It's nice to (almost) be on break for a few days :)

November 22

Sunday night. November 22nd.

November 21

Grandpa Cary, Grandma Cathy and Uncle David (aka Uncle D-Cov) flew in last night so today we hung out at home, planned our Thanksgiving vacation and enjoyed the Christmas decorations.

November 20

On the 20th of November our family set out:
12 flickering tea lights,
11 piece Nativity,
10 silver candles,
9 strands of white lights,
8 books about Christmas,
7 Christmas movies,
6 cozy pillows,
5 strands of red beads,
4 boxes of ornaments,
3 family stockings,
2 sets of cookie tins and
a decorated Christmas tree.

November 15-19

Monday. 11.15.09
Tuesday. 11.16.09
Wednesday. 11.17.09
Thursday. 11.18.09

So, I fell behind taking pictures.  It's almost Thanksgiving.  It's the last week with our fall decor... time to break out the Christmas stuff!  Here are a few photos from around our house.

November 14

I LOVE lazy Saturday mornings.  
They are the sanity of my week, and this photo is a fairly accurate depiction of our home on such a morning.  :)
Em goes to bed in matching pjs, but on Saturday mornings (after a diaper change) she likes to put on different pajama bottoms, and then add a sweatshirt.
After we're "dressed" we like to come out to the living room, have a big glass of chocolate milk and either cozy up on the couch with the Disney channel or play with all of her toys--strewing them about the floor in the process (as shown above).

November 13

Happy Friday!!!
Friday the 13th.

Em took this not-so-beautiful photo of me this morning, but I think it's great that she actually got me in the picture!  Usually she only photographs the carpet :)

November 12

Introducing Em to the sweeter things in life: warm chocolate fudge lava cake and vanilla bean ice cream... it's sinfully sweet.

November 10

This girl loves playing in her (often messy) bedroom.
Especially when Daddy builds her a fort to read books in!

November 8 & 9

Sunday.  November 8.
Monday.  November 9.

Can you guess who's room we're in?  :)

November 7

Saturday, November 7.

Happy 30th Birthday, Jenn!

November 6

Friday, November 6th.
...the lights are wrapped around our tree...

November 5

Thursday, November 5.

We're re-hanging our outside lights and getting ready for a surprise party for a friend. . .

November 4

i [heart] this grill
(and the fact that it means i'm not the one making dinner!)

November 2

{bubbles, bubbles & more bubbles}
monday, november 2nd

November 1

Sunday, November 1st.
Welcome to November!

There's a little playground at our church that Em loves, but recently some older kids have sort of taken it over, so this morning after church we came home and walked to the park.

Emily loved trick-or-treating last night and on the walk today she kept trying to run up to people's houses, hoping for more candy and friendly faces:)

Some neighbors that we hadn't met until last night were sitting outside and said "oh, hello! that's the cute little ladybug from last night!"  I thought it was sweet that she made an impression and helped us meet more of our neighbors :)

One of the things I've been wanting to do for a long time is learn more about my camera, so today, while Pete and Em played at the park, I played with my camera settings!  I don't know that the pictures are improved, but I did figure a few things out about lighting options!

Have a great week!!