Monday, February 22, 2010

February Week 3

February 14th-20th.
This was a really rough week for us.
We were all sick to some degree.
Poor Emily was really sick.
She got sick first, had a few days of feeling OK (or she was just so happy to see her cousins she willed herself to be well!) and then was (is) sick again.
I (Sarah) was more sick than I think I've been in my adult life.
I had a fever for 7 days straight... flu symptoms for 12 days.
The doctor said I had two different strains of the flu, back-to-back.
Pete's mostly healthy but has a little case of the sniffles...
I think he just feels left out ;)

Despite how sick we've been, we really enjoyed having Pete's brother, Steve and his family out to visit (as is evidenced by the photos). I just wish I could have spent more time with them! (Notice I'm not in any of the photos because I stayed home.)

Austin & Tate weren't quite sure what to think of Emily's dress up clothes, but they were good sports, even wearing the high heels!! :)
Morning at the beach.
I love that you can see how excited Emily is to be there, she's running straight for the ocean!

Davee, Tate, Steve & Austin
Disneyland [aka Mickey's House]
Cousins left so Emily's entertaining herself with Mom's flowers.
Temp: 102.8 F
Time for some liquids and a movie.
(Yes, we changed her out of those warm clothes right after taking her temp.)

Resting at home.
(Yup. She's licking her snot. It's gross. It's life.)

That's it for me.
Good night!

Monday, February 15, 2010

February Week 2

February 7-13, 2010
Sunday morning Pete went in to work and since Em & I weren't feeling 100% we decided to stay home from church. I would have liked to go, but we had a nice morning painting, reading, and talking to Grandpa & Grandma on the phone.

Sunday night was the Super Bowl and we had our lifegroup friends over for a little get together. Emily had fun playing with Isaac... until he started pulling her hair....

Bundling up to go for a walk Monday evening. It's supposed to be 75 by the end of the week, but today it was still only in the 60s. (For us, 60 is cold!)
Tuesday I came home from school because I wasn't feeling well and then Emily and I spent a much needed night at home resting while Pete went to a rehearsal.

Wednesday night we were all home, but by the end of the evening it was clear Emily was getting sick. She had a rough night and I wish I could have stayed home with her on Thursday, but Thursday afternoon was Fine Arts Festival Run-Offs so I couldn't really miss school.

She was still sick on Friday, so I stayed home with her.

Saturday we prepped for next week's garage sale, hung curtains in the guest room (Steve & Davee came Saturday night!), bought a lamp for the guest room and caught up on some cleaning. Emily wanted to help with the laundry and she enjoyed it so much so wanted to wash everything--including the clothes she had been wearing!

We also delivered a little valentine to her valentine, Joe :)

Happy {almost} Valentine's Day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

February Week 1

January 31-February 6, 2010

I started the week by spilling water on my laptop (ouch!)
I was computer-less for the entire week and
terribly afraid that I might have lost hundreds of photos.
Fortunately, today (2/8) I received my computer back and (amazingly) it's fine!
YAY for helpful tech people and durable laptops!
(it's a MacBook)

Now, on to the photos...

Enjoy :)

This sweet little girl got sick just as we were pulling in to church, so we turned around and came home. After cleaning her up we snuggled on the couch & watched "WALL-E".
Even when she's sick she doesn't want to lie around,
so before the movie was over we moved onto painting :)
Her eyes say everything about how she was feeling.
Poor little girl.

By Monday she was feeling MUCH better though.
She was NOT happy about having her picture taken.
These are the only pictures where she didn't look angry.

my valentine :)

Because nothing says 'I love you' like a messy handmade card :)

I put together a basket of stuff for her to make cards with and she LOVES it!

"hmmm... let's see..."
(her words. not mine.)
"May I help you?" (me)
"No. I do it Mommy. I color for Sasha" (em)

Can you name this game?
It's one of Emily's favorite games these days....
She loves to spin the spinner and tell Mommy and Daddy what to do :)

Our favorite morning ritual....

...picking oranges off our tree

& making fresh squeezed orange juice!

...small {tasty} signs of the upcoming holiday...

We're getting ready to have a garage sale,
so on Wednesday night we went through our closet
and this is just a small sample of what we found. . .

She's talking about and pointing at her Grandpa Cary :)
Happy Birthday, Dad!

Look who's ready for a big girl bed!!
{demonstrating her newfound ability to climb in & out of her bed}
{helping Mom & Dad install the toddler rail on her crib}
Have a great week,
& don't keep liquids near your computer! ;)