Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Life: January 4

January 2011
Week 4
Jan. 23-Jan. 29
Em has been loving the "Pinkalicious" books,
so today we made pinkalicious cupcakes :)
Grandma Patches came on Monday, so we had to quick clean the guest room up and get it ready again. We love having company, and are glad that this little room is getting so much use!
I have some old photos of myself out, next to recent pictures of Emily and am constantly amazed at how much she looks like me.
I finally re-decorated the living room.
Simple, but I've been enjoying that the 'stuff' we have in our house isn't just stuff, but that it also tells stories about us.
For example, from left to right:
1. The Torre del Oro, in Seville, Spain, where Pete asked me to marry him.
2. The bridge over the Iowa River between our dorm rooms and the music building where we took many, many walks in college.
3. A canvas print of the 3 of us in Laguna Beach, the weekend of Paul and Laura's wedding.
4. Trafalgar Square, where Pete lived in London, and where I visited him while wedding planning in college and then where we celebrated his 30th birthday.
Taking a break from running around to enjoy some oranges, fresh off the tree.
Grandpa Patches flew in on Friday morning.
Saturday we went to Mickey's House.
(aka Disneyland)
See you next week!

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  1. What a great mix of pictures! Love the mantle with pictures and you've got quite a cutie!!