Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our Life :: March 2011 :: Week 2

March 2011 :: Week 2
{March 6-March 12}
More nesting.
When we decided to paint Emily and baby's room, that meant taking everything out.
Once everything was out, I realized I only wanted to put about 1/2 of it back.
That left me with a LOT of stuff and no where to put it!
That meant... the guest room!

Well, I couldn't just leave all that stuff sitting there so I started cleaning...
and then realized...
I *had* to rearrange the furniture and totally clean out the cabinet and closet.

Yes, I *had to*.

Because, there wouldn't be any time to do it once baby comes... and since I can't sleep well anyways I might as well stay up until 4am organizing, right?! :)

Well, we did it. (Yes, Pete stayed up til 4am one night too to help me.)
We refrained from painting (though the room really needs it!) but we moved everything (and there is a LOT of BIG furniture in that room!)
I lifted more than I should have probably, but all's well that ends well, right? :)
The kids' room is coming along pretty nicely too... see?
My adorable little girl with her heart shaped pb & j.
Cliché? Maybe, but I still wanted the photo.

Saturday morning we went to the park down the street and our friend Nathan shot some family photos for us. Sorry the images are so small, maybe I'll re-upload them later.
I did a similar shoot for some friends before they had their second baby, and really liked the idea of getting family photos before baby's arrival.
We were there less than an hour, but we ended up with some great shots.
Thanks Nathan!

5 days or less until BABY!!!!!!!

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