Friday, January 29, 2010

January Week 3 (17th-23rd)

We started the week [freezing] in Iowa City [and having a wonderful weekend] with the Covingtons.  :)

I took a 1/2 personal day on last week Friday and we flew to Iowa for the long weekend.  We had a great time visiting with Grandpa Cary, Grandma Cathy, Great Gramma Markee, Uncle David, Tigger and Sasha.  

{I must tell you that Em is deeply missing Sasha (and the rest of you, I'm sure...)  Almost  everytime we see a puppy she says "Mommy, look!  Puppy!  I go see Sasha?  I see Sasha now? Mommy, please?"}

YAY for a weekend in Iowa!  :)

Em's all dressed and ready to go!
(Thanks Jenn for letting us borrow Chloe's coat!)
Snow Much Fun! ;)

 I grabbed this hat 'cause I was freezing... I didn't realize how silly it looked on me until I saw these photos!

Fun with Gpa & Gma!
Uncle D-Cov!

4 generations :)
We came home to a tornado warning
Tornado warning in SoCal.
[back home, watching the 'hope for haiti now' program]

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