Tuesday, January 26, 2010

December 30

Today we loaded ourselves into the car to go to the LaBrea Tarpits.
Emily was looking super cute and I was hoping to take some great photos....
but shortly after taking this photo of the Hollywood sign she got car sick :( 

Unfortunately we forgot a change of clothes so we had to buy a shirt for her at the gift shop and this in (see below) was the only one they had in her size.  Not only isn't it cute, the poor girl was scared of it because the mouth of the creature in the front opens (it's a flap) to show giant teeth!  She kept looking at it  and saying "No thank you mommy.  No mommy.  Owwie?!"
She quickly forgot though when she found these girls to tag along with.  They were fast friends and we spent the rest of the morning with them (and their Dad.)  To say she's friendly is a HUGE understatement!

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