Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April Week 3

April 18-24.
Welcome to my Project Life!
It has been MANY weeks since I've posted at the Mom Creative, so please feel free to check other weeks including our vacation to London!
Enjoy and please leave a comment!! :)

Sweet Sunday Morning Snuggles :)
Monday, Monday...
Tonight we thought Em was reading books in her room...
(which she usually does at this time.)
We went to check on her a little bit later and THIS is what we found!
...unsupervised fingerpainting!
She was very good though, she put the paint in the correct containers and was using the right paper and everything--she just used WAY TOO MUCH!!
(Thank goodness for washable paint!)

Tuesday, April 20th.
Our trip to London was wonderful in so many ways...
One of which was a new found appreciation for our everyday routines :)
Wednesday, April 21st.
Time to clean up quick before the sitter comes!
Mom & Dad have a date at the opera!
Thursday, April 22nd.
Just a normal night at home.
Gotta love that.
[Please don't judge me because the bathtub's dirty.
If it makes you feel better, it's not dirt, it's bathtub crayon.]

Friday, April 23rd.
Tonight was the Band & Orchestra Parent Association Soup & Pie Dinner.
My students played well and everyone had a good time.
Afterwards we came home and snuggled on the couch, watching "Cinderella".
When the dance was coming up she put on her tiara, tu-tu, and fancy shoes to dance with her Daddy :)

Saturday Night Reading and Dance Party :)
{one of her many dance moves}


  1. Hey no judgement coming from me. I posted a picture of my dirty oven once. I have cleaned since them but it doesn't look like it. Great Pictures this week.

  2. Loved your pics of the week. Your daughter is precious, the Sunday Snuggles picture is soooo cute. I also loved your London pics-I love to travel and enjoy seeing everyone's travel photos.