Wednesday, April 14, 2010

March Week 5

March 28th-April 3rd.
Peter turned 30 this week on March 30th. Happy Birthday, babe!!!

For his birthday, I'm taking him to LONDON next week!!

I also surprised him with a few things this week.

On Sunday, our friends Fabio, Matt & Sandy came down for dinner, birthday cake, and a game of wiffle ball at the park.

Emily sang "Happy Birthday" to her daddy :)
It was priceless.

Matt, Pete and Fabio ;)
Fabio missed the message that they were supposed to look normal for this photo...
... but it cracks me up!

Tuesday--Pete's 30th!!
hangin' out with Uncle Mike at Daddy's surprise party at The Cookie Mill
HapPY 30th BiRtHdAy PEtE!!!
"cheers" with our forks while eating leftover birthday cake on Wednesday

Good Friday.
We sort of celebrated Easter (the Easter egg decorating/egg hunting/Easter basket aspect of it) at home on Saturday since Pete will be playing for a church on Sunday and we have to leave in the afternoon. It wasn't ideal, but it worked.

Princess Emily with her tiara and magic wand.

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