Friday, July 31, 2009

July 16

Photo #1: Gotta love this picture and the way Gramma Markee is watching Emily.  I love spending time with them together.  :) 

Photos #2 & #3: Emily and I hung out with Jenny and Russell today.  We had a good time (despite Em's bad attitude at times).  I think all of the traveling has gotten to her...poor girl.  

Anyway, I love the picture of us snapping and pointing, trying to get the toddlers' attention, all for the sake of one decent photo.  :)  I'm sure some other moms can relate...

Photo #4: Also, the photo of Russ approaching Em while she was sitting in the chair...?  Hm.  Well, Jenny had said "Russ, why don't you go give Emily a kiss?"  and Russell went over (a good, sweet obedient little boy) then I snapped this photo and two seconds later Em whipped her arm back and smacked Russ in the face. [sigh]  Where did I go wrong?! Oh sweet little (abusive) Emily... we do have quite a bit to work on!

Photo #5: Last but not least, I got to see Chris, Amy, Amy's parents and BABY ELLA!  What a beautiful family!

What a beautiful day :)

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