Friday, September 2, 2011

Our Life: August Week 1

The first week of August.
(Now it's already the first week of September and school is just around the corner!)
We spent the first week of August with Pete's side of the family, in Sioux Falls, SD & Orange City, IA.
Sunday we went to church with Steve, Davee & family. After church the rest of his family joined us in SD for pizza and playtime.

Gma Patches with her newest grandchild--Josephine.
Em, Great Grandma Shirley, Noah & Peter

It was unbelievably hot and muggy but the slip'n'slide brought a little relief and a lot of fun.

the "jumpoline"
On Monday, Pete went to Orange City to teach marching band and I stayed in SD with the kids so they could play more with their cousins. We stayed close to their home and had a good day trying to beat the (120 degree!!!) heat by playing inside, playing in the shade, and in the evening--going to the pool.

Noah & Maci

brothers playing nicely under the kitchen table :)
when her tongue sticks out like this you know she's really concentrating :)

Early on Tuesday morning we drove to Orange City. Our week was FULL of marching band, and was busy, but a lot of fun! The weather was unbelievably hot & sticky--a heat index of 120 degrees on Monday, heat index over 100 on Tuesday and Wednesday, but then fortunately it cooled off (into the 90s) for the rest of the week.

Our time in Orange City was... eventful... :)
Late Tuesday night, Paul, Laura, Pete & I were finishing a game (Ticket To Ride) when a bat flew over my head and right at Paul. Pete & Paul trapped it in the living room and then they spent the next hour or so chasing it around with their dad before it was hit and trapped (with a tennis racket and broom) and carried outside (in a baseball mitt).
(This is my father-in-law waiting for the bat with his tennis racket.)
the view of the guys 'hunting down' the bat, from outside the front window
...they were victorious ;)

marching band camp
more marching band
So, speaking of 'eventful', at band camp, there was someone dressed in a gorilla suit wandering around; kids dressed as Mario & Luigi in the stands, and water balloons being thrown at the band kids. Later in the week, someone put a dead pig on the marching band field... let's just say... it wasn't boring.

Pete teaching marching band
Noah enjoying the music from the stands
Emily's favorite part of band camp: riding around in Gpa's golf cart after the night rehearsal.

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