Wednesday, April 2, 2014

February 2014.

We joyfully introduce:
Samuel James Connell

Born February 25, 2014 at 2:44 am
8 lbs. 7 oz.  21 inches
Fullerton, California

I was scheduled to have a c-section on Wednesday (the 26th).  Monday I was going to appointments and running errands all day.  By the time I picked up the kids after school and came home I was exhausted and my feet were seriously swollen.  I started dinner, turned on the TV for Em and Noah, and went to lie down for awhile.
That night I tried to sleep but my stomach was hurting.  Eventually I realized I was having contractions and that they were coming every 2 minutes and lasting about 90 seconds each.
We called the doctor… he said he'd meet us at the hospital.
We called our friends from church, the Palmers… they said they'd meet us at a Denny's parking lot near the freeway (to pick up Emily & Noah).
Go figure… I was planning on packing my hospital bag the next day, but I had some stuff ready and we quickly grabbed the rest, threw the kids in the car and took off!

We got to the hospital, started fetal monitoring, blood work, met the anesthesiologist, saw my OB, had a spinal and started the c-section.
This was my third c-section, but Sam was really wedged in there so it took a lot longer than the other two.  He was born though, at 2:44am, perfectly healthy.

We are so full of joy… and thankfulness… just completely overjoyed and overwhelmed by God's mercy, love and grace.

We were at the hospital from the 25th to the 28th.  Here are some photos from our time there.
Also… our hospital (St. Jude: is  The nurses were all wonderful.  ("Wonderful" is an understatement!)  The rooms were great--it almost felt more like a mini-vacation… almost.  ;)

 Meeting Samuel in the OR

My brother, Michael, picked up Emma & Noah from the Palmer's in the morning and brought them to meet their baby brother.

I'm blessed to call them my family.  :)

My boys!

Getting to know his big sister

Uncle Mike

About 4-6 hours old... 

Closer to 12 hours old now... 

 This afternoon we had some more visitors!


Mommy and her kids after school

Aunt Jill, Em and Mike

Uncle Mike and Aunt Jill

Wednesday, Feb. 26, after school snuggles 
(…and my nurse brought ice cream for the kids!)

Jamie & Jen 
 Miss Nay-Nay helping Emily hold Sammy

Thank you, Jenn, for taking my camera and capturing this moment.
(It's hard to be the photographer when you can't get out of bed or even move much!) 
 Lenee and Jenn

 Our first (and only so far?!?) family photo

What it looked like in our room most of the time…

 Thursday morning (2/27) the sun came pouring in through the giant windows and we had LOTS of naps!  My mom called after taking Em to school and told us that unfortunately Noah was sick with a stomach bug, so we decided to stay here another night, but Peter went home to be with Noah who was puking and missing Mommy & Daddy.
I met for awhile with another lactation consultant, got my IV and everything else removed and I'm feeling okay again.  (I felt great on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, then overdid it and had a lot of pain Wednesday afternoon/evening.)
Sam and I had a fairly uneventful day.
They did come by and test his hearing which was interesting… they used all sorts of sensors to monitor his brain activity during the test.  (He passed with flying colors.)

Pete came back to the hospital for a couple hours in the afternoon and we had Roman Cucina for dinner which was a fun treat--although the hospital food was surprisingly good, too!  After dinner, he went back home to check on the kids and help with bedtime.  Lenee came back to keep Samuel & me company for a few hours. 

Friday, February 28th.

 Time to get ready to go home!

(…and take a few pictures!) 

Ready to go home!

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