Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Princess Party for our 6 year old!

Well, it seems like forever since I've blogged, but Peter took the day off work for Em's birthday party (and it seems like forever since he's had a Saturday at home, too!!) so I've actually got a minute to myself!

Emily's birthday party was today, so for those of you who are interested, here are some pictures and details from her day.

If you know me, you know that I love to throw parties, and I'm not very good at keeping parties low key, BUT this was actually a pretty low key, easy, inexpensive and fun party--hooray!

White board sign and a couple dollar store balloons greeted our guests as they arrived.

 The 'Jump for Joy' jumper and princess dress up station (on the left)

Lunch table

Em helped me set the places at the table.  
Each girl had her name with a mini tiara and pink spoon with rhinestone stickers.  

In our garage I set up a craft table with free printable Disney princess coloring pages, crayons, party hats that we added streamers to, dancing ribbons and supplies for the princess flower wands.

Our dress up station had some jewelry, candy jewelry, body splash perfumes and more.

A couple $1 tablecloths with an easy paper garland functioned as a backdrop for the girls. 

When the girls arrived, they played in the jumper first.  After jumping for a bit it was lunch time.

 It was too hot in the sun (yes, it's October) so we quick moved the table and chairs up onto the patio and into the shade.

Noah was excited to sit with all the big girls.  :)
We had invited a few other friends, but between soccer games, family travel and illness we ended up with a much smaller group.  While we missed those friends, it certainly is easier to have a small party! 
 Lunch was simple: pizza, apples (not poisonous like Snow White's!), strawberry yogurt (in fancy glasses!) and a cookie with strawberry lemonade.

After lunch we moved into the garage for some craft time!
 They added streamers to party hats to make princess hats, decorated princess flower wands with felt and rhinestone stickers (40% off at Michael's), danced with dancing ribbons (tulle tied to pink shower curtain rings) and colored lots of princess coloring pages.

 After crafts, they requested more time in the bounce house, this time with the dancing ribbons and balloons.

Then it was time to be fancy like a princess.
The girls had fun picking out necklaces, rings, bracelets, clip on earrings, tiaras and more. 
Then they sprayed themselves with way too much perfume, but had fun doing it!  ;)

 I leaned a full length mirror against the tree so the girls could see themselves all fancy. 
Picture time! 

funny faces...  

 A few more photos

Aunt Jill came too!

Mommy and the birthday girl 

Next we decorated cupcakes... fancy, of course, with pink, purple and white frosting, all sorts of sprinkles, sugar pearls, hearts, and princess picks to put on top. 

See the glass slipper? 
 Then we went inside to open presents.

 Em was SO excited about each present.

 She seriously loves ALL of them  :)
 Then we went back to the cupcakes, sang happy birthday, blew out the "6" candle and ate our cake.  :)

We finished the party with... you guessed it... more jumping.  :) 

(I told you it was an easy party!) 
 The girls (and the brother) had a lot of fun.
Happy 6th Birthday, Emily!  (I can hardly believe you're already SIX!!!)

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  1. Cute pics, Sarah! Chloƫ had lots of fun -- we heard about it for the rest of the day. Thanks for tiring her out!!