Friday, November 6, 2009

August 18

Tuesday, August 18th.
Today was a BAD day.
Pete has been working 20 hour days non-stop since Aug. 1 and it's rough on all of us.
This photo was taken after Em had a fit, threw a glass on the ground, shattering it, I put her in our bedroom with a cup of water, goldfish crackers and a "Dora" video so I could go clean up the glass and came back to check on her a minute or two later and found her painting her toenails!?  She found the nail polish and wanted to be like mom I guess.  Needless to say, her toes were not the only thing she painted.  Anyone know how to get nail polish out of clothes (or sheets, or the bedside table, or the wall?  I was pretty successful getting it off of her... but that has been my only success so far.)  This photo is in the bathroom after wiping up as much fingernail polish as I could right away, just before I stuck her in the bath.  (The camera isn't focusing, again...)

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