Friday, September 25, 2009

August 9

By far, the hardest part of living in California is that we're so far away from our families.  It's why we spend most of our vacation time and money traveling back and forth across the country... over and over again.  :)  It's why our summers are crazy, too hectic due to all the travel, but wonderful.

Today we said goodbye to our families and traveled back to sunny Southern California.  It's our home, and we've missed it...but Iowa will also always be home, and we hope it will feel like home for Emily, too.  (Just like SoCal felt like home to me!)

Here are a couple of photos of us saying goodbye in Iowa City.  [David....I'm not sure about that facial hair.... and by 'not sure' I actually mean it really creeps me out and please never go with that look again!]

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