Saturday, April 28, 2012

April 2 Part 2

2nd week of April.
{part 2}

On Tuesday, Pete got a ride into work and the kids and I packed our bags and then picked him up on our way down to Carlsbad.
We checked into our hotel, and Wednesday morning we went to LEGOLAND!

We had a blast!

 Emily took drivers' ed...
Emily & I got a little workout, pulling ourselves up this "ride".  ;)

The boys went to jail...

Emily played and went on rides non-stop.
It was overcast and it sort of rained a little bit in the morning which was perfect because it meant the park was pretty empty.  Emily went down this big slide (shown above) 6 or 7 times in a row because there wasn't a wait!
 Noah napped in his stroller.

There was one ride that we had to wait in line for (I snapped this photo while we waited), but Jennifer Garner was in line behind us which was kinda fun.

 The afternoon sun got hot, so we went to this indoor play area.
 We were all exhausted... and these photos of Pete crack me up!
...especially because he was blissfully unaware of the "Supervise Children at All Times" sign that he was lying above!

 Us?  Tired?  Nah.....

Noah was tired too.  
This is his current version of a temper tantrum: he gives me a look with a big pout and then sighs or gives a little cry, and puts his head on the floor.  :) 
Not my best picture, but my little girl sure is cute!

 Emily's first roller coaster: the "Coastersaurus" in Dino Land with Daddy.

 Thanks for a fun day, Legoland!

We were all exhausted, but we decided to go for a swim at the hotel.
  After our swim, Noah grabbed his blanket and passed out on the carpet.  Poor sleepy little guy!

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