Monday, May 14, 2012

April 3

April Week 3

This week's pictures aren't in order--sorry.

These are from Friday 4/20, at Emily's "Spring Sing".

 I had a concert on Friday too, the Soup and Pie Dinner, Em's concert was so much cuter, so that's the one I'm posting.  :)

Sunday 4/15 after church

Monday 4/16 
One of the teachers at Em's preschool asked if Em was going to go home and see her Daddy...  
 "No, he's not at home."
"Oh, where's your Daddy?"
"Daddy's at work."
"What does your Daddy do for work?"
"He dances with Mary Poppins."
Her teacher smiled, looked at me quizzically and said "Oh, wow!  Well... say hi to Mary Poppins for me!"

(Yes, sweet girl, your Daddy dances with Mary Poppins for a living... (that's normal... right??))

Tuesday 4/17 
 My roses are starting to bloom!

happy kids. 

Wednesday 4/18

 cutie :)

Thursday 4/19
family (and friends) tea party 

This is how we follow the Twins... on the iPad :)

Saturday 4/21


 Noah's first corn-on-the-cobb

The boys that have stolen my heart :) 

Noah's first taste of a Klondike bar!

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