Friday, August 17, 2012

Disney Day

July 2nd, 2012
"Disney Day"

I think it had been years since my whole family has gone to Disneyland together.
When I was a kid we would go every summer.
We always went on rides in more or less the same order...
Pirates of the Caribbean was always first.  :)

In 2001 we came out from Iowa (sans Michael) and I visited my friend (and crush) Pete :) who was playing in the Disney collegiate band... 
Today, we saw my husband, Pete playing with the Disneyland Band.
(Funny how that worked out.)

Anyway.... enough nostalgia, here are our photos!

First we went to CA Adventure to get Fast Passes for Radiator Racers and World of Color.  After we had the fast passes we took the kids on a Little Mermaid carousel.

Grandpa and I then took the kids to Disneyland to hear Peter play on the Mark Twain.
(Everyone else stayed to ride a roller coaster in CA Adventure.) 

 (Spying on my hubby... can you pick out his feet?)

 Saying hi to Daddy after his set

 (She thinks this is a normal 'take your daughter to work' day.)

 Mom & Dad (Gma & Gpa) in front of the castle.

We all met up by the castle for Pete's next set with the characters.

Here they come!

 Watching Daddy

 Daddy's friend, Mickey Mouse came too :)

Our sweet little Emily thinks it's normal to always be chosen by the princesses to dance...

 Parading down Main Street

 At the train station

 Pete, watch out for Mickey!

poor Mickey 

Mickey's OK!

 Nap time for Grandpa and the kids at Gpa & Gma's time share in Anaheim

Back to D-land in time for the last Mary Poppins set.

 Yes, that's Peter playing the drum...

 ...and talking to Mary Poppins...

...and talking to the crowd...

 ...and guess who Mary chose to dance with?  ;)

 "Step in Time"
 'Round the chimney'

Hello Mary! 

Daddy's done with work!

 In line for Pirates

 In line for Pooh

 Emily and her uncles

 Noah liked the Winnie the Pooh ride :)

Aunt Jill & Michael in their honeycomb

Cars Land!

The whole family!  :)
(The only shot we took with everyone in it!)

 Emily met McQueen

Peter, Em and I on Luigi's Casa Della Tires
(Fun ride, but WAY too long of a wait!)

World of Color 

Fast Passes (take two) for Radiator Springs Racers
(the ride broke down when we were in line earlier)

Goodbye Cars Land!
Goodbye Disney!

(Well, for most of us... Pete will be back tomorrow)  :)

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