Saturday, August 11, 2012

June 3

June Week 3

Happy Father's Day to my most amazing husband and to my wonderful dad.
I am very blessed (and perhaps spoiled) by the two of you and I love you both!

 A gift I made for a friend :)
(Hint: it's a camera strap--padded and with a pocket for the lens cap.)

 Goodbye Schrocks "party".
It feels terrible to call it a party when it's due to our friends leaving!

Josie, Hendrick, Noah & Isaac

and SURPRISE!  It's also a surprise early 30th birthday party for Becky! 
We pulled it off with lots of laughter and a few tears 
Happy (early) 30th birthday, Becky!
We'll miss you guys! 

 We went to Palm Desert and it was Ahh-MAZ-ing!!
(and extremely hot, 'but it's a dry heat')
 We stayed at Jamie's parents' place
(where I went for a quick getaway with Jamie, Becky & Becca a couple weeks ago)
and we had a WONDERFUL family vacation!

Seriously... it. was. perfect.

The townhouse (above) and the pool... directly off the patio, and we had it to ourselves pretty much the whole time we were there!  (One girl came, for one hour out of all 3 days!)
 Thank you Mr. & Mrs. DeBie!

 On the way home we stopped at Chick-Fil-A for dinner...
and then Walmart to buy Emily her first bike!!

She was a natural and wants to ride her bike all. the. time.   :) 
It was a great night.

we looked at our still newish minivan
 and realized...
someone hit us (and ran) at Walmart!
boo.  :(
That's the 3rd time (as of mid-June) that we've had one of our cars hit when it was either unoccupied or in park.  :/
Oh well.  It can be fixed.  It's just a car....
(but it's a total bummer.)

We still had a great week!  :)

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