Friday, August 24, 2012

July 2

2nd Week of July

(Plus Saturday of last week.)
We went to Cambria for my cousin Andy's wedding!

Hi David :)

At the rehearsal dinner.

Sunday at church for the wedding. 
Emily, Brady and Stephanie 
 Grandma Cov and Matt (my cousin, the brother of the groom)
 Janelle & Andy, bride & groom

Kendall & Rex

(well, technically they're what?  second cousins once removed?)

 (ie: my cousins' children)

The happy couple :)

 The Central Coast Covingtons

Charlotte & Daniel

(Side Note: Daniel (above) and Noah (below) are only 5 DAYS apart in age.  Do you see the difference in size?!  Wow!)

 Em making a grab for her chocolate bar before dinner

Grandma Cov :)

 Dollar dances with the groom

and with 'the princess' (as Emily called her)

Lots of dancing for our little girl! 

When it was time to leave the reception (and walk back to our hotel room on the same property--thanks Grandma!) my sweet cousin Kendall gave Emily her bouquet!
Emily was sooo happy and told me she felt like a princess too.

 Family photo the next morning at breakfast.

 Driving back down the PCH was beautiful as always.  
(That's the Pacific Coast Highway for you midwesterners!)

 Uh-oh!  This won't work!

Noah thought it was funny.

Cooling off in the backyard.

7-11.  Celebrating 8 years today!
Love you, Peter!
(And yes, we went on a legitimate, wonderful, child-free date later.)

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