Sunday, August 12, 2012

June 4

June Week 4

My little man was sleepier and fussier than normal and my mother's intuition said something was wrong...
a couple days later he spiked a fever.
I took him in and sure enough, he had an ear infection. 
These two = seriously.  adorable.
They love sharing a room and choose to take naps together when we let them.
(If they were awake though I couldn't have gotten them to pose like that... not even with a bribe!)
 Outdoor family movie night, complete with our own bags of popcorn.
We watched "How to Train a Dragon".

 Family bike rides--Noah's first of many I believe!  :)
(My bike is in the background while I took the picture.)

 Dinner and kickball in the backyard with Uncle Mike & Aunt Jill.

 And what could be more fun on a hot day then a tray full of shaving cream and a bowl full of water?

 I also got to hear one of my students play at Walt Disney Concert Hall (home of the LA Philharmonic!)  Terrible picture of me, but congrats Eunice!

David sent me this photo from his graduation with the picture Emily drew for him.

Then it was time to do some cleaning and get ready for Grandpa & Grandma Sasha and Uncle David's visit! 
 Noah was happy to help.

Em and I on our Mommy-Daughter date night!
We went to see "Brave" and loved it.  :)

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