Friday, August 24, 2012

July 3 Road Trip Introduction

July Week 3 was July 15th-21st.

This was the week we started our (almost) month long road trip!

Instead of doing the next few posts by week, I'm going to do them by segments of our trip.

To keep the blog posts from getting long I'll break them down as follows:
1. Introduction
2. Planning & Prep
3. The road to Colorado
4. Keystone, CO
5. The road to Iowa
6. Iowa City, IA
7. Orange City, IA
8.The road back to Long Beach

Okay.  Introduction to our trip--it was awesome!
For sure I had my doubts, but the kids did WONDERFULLY with the driving!  Pete was super optimistic about the whole thing, I was crazy organized, the kids were cheerful and it went swimmingly.  Praise God for safe (and smooth) travels!

Over the course of our trip I took 2,970 photos.

Yes...almost THREE THOUSAND pictures.

AND it was fewer than I would have liked because I ran out of room on my laptop and had to limit my picture taking until I was able to purchase another external hard drive in Iowa City.

So, just a heads up, lots of pictures coming soon!  :)

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