Saturday, September 1, 2012

Keystone, CO

Keystone, Colorado

Downtown Keystone for a family day. (Tuesday)
Emily got a free My Little Pony 'tattoo' and had a lot of fun jumping in one of the bounce houses.

 Cousins Austin, Emily & Tater Tot

Look who's behind bars! 

The cousins in the hot tub (almost!) lined up by age.
I tried to switch Em and Tate, but he insisted on sitting next to his brother.  :) 
Super cute though, right?  :) 
They're even: 3 boys, 3 girls

 Family photo time back at the rental house.
This one (above) belongs on a blooper reel... do you see why?

Much better  :) I think this one's my favorite with the sun glare!

 And another.... do you see the mountain reflection in the windows?  (The earlier photos were better for that... it was Peter's idea!)
 Out for a walk near our house.

(Same walk) 
Well, walk/bike ride for Emily.

We stopped for a snack by the stream.  Joey wasn't super happy this morning but the snacks cheered her up a bit.
Three generations of Connell men.

 Peter and I took a ski lift up the mountain Thursday morning.
 It was beautiful but chilly!
11,000+ feet.

I thought it was maybe silly to use the self timer and even more silly to turn and look away from the camera, but I actually love how this photo of us turned out!

 Gpa & Gma Patches played with the kids while we were up in the mountains.
When we came back down Emily begged for us to let her go on the 'jumpoline'.
We asked if she was sure she really wanted to go because it might be a little scary.
She of course said YES!
There was a discrepancy between the 2 employees about the minimum weight requirement... it was either 35 or 40 pounds.  Problem is she weighs 36 pounds!
They assured us that it was safe either way, but that if she didn't weigh enough the bungee cables would weigh more than her and she wouldn't really be able to bounce because her weight wouldn't pull her back down to the trampoline.
Yeah... I think the cables weighed more.  ;)

Solution: the employee pulled her down, helped her bounce a bit and then LAUNCHED her up into the air!

 She shrieked and I asked if it was scary or fun.  
She yelled: "BOTH!  Scary AND fun, but mostly FUN!" :)
Wow, little girl. . .


 It was a FUN morning!

That evening after dinner we went back up with the whole extended family.

(The only unfortunate part was that it was a last second thing, so I didn't have a chance to charge my camera battery so I only got these three pictures.)
 Take my word for it though... it was beautiful.  :)

Here's a picture of the house we rented for the week.  It was a lot of work, and there were some minor frustrations with the rental process, but I think we all had a great time so it was totally worth it.  :)

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